Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It looks like I had a mini break :) being away from the blogs for quite sometime..
I was jus trying to get many things sorted out and organised in my life...
You know, sometimes you feel there is no control on ur life and feel that things should have been different. Anyway, lets not discuss more abt this..

I would like to thank all the ppl who have suggested me some gud classic movies in English thro' my previous post.... Now, I have a gud list of movies to watch in near future.. May be I'll put that complete list of movies to watch in my blog so that some interested ppl can also note them down, provided I get sometime for tht :)
I happened to watch a couple of movies "Fun with Dick n Jane" and "Memoirs of a Geisha". While the former was jus about okish with Jim Carrey not in his usual form, the latter one was gud. Memoirs of a Geisha had some stunning visuals and costumes.. deserving the oscars tht it got for these. But, its a slow n a bit dragging movie. The first half was jus ok while the second half was much better. Zhang Ziyi looked fabulous in this movie :) I also want to watch "Crash" now cos of the reviews I read abt this movie.

Today being International Women's day, I wish all the women out thr "Happy Women's Day".
Here, this goes out to all the lovely ladies out there reading this post -> click here

I was wondering if there was any International Men's day too :) and did a search in google.. got this result.. check it out --> click here

On this women's day, a lovely song from Billy Joel - SHE'S ALWAYS A WOMAN

She can kill with a smile, she can wound with her eyes,
She can ruin your faith with her casual lies,
And she only reveals what she wants you to see.
She hides like a child but she's always a woman to me.
She can lead you to love, she can take you or leave you,
She can ask for the truth but she'll never believe you,
And she'll take what you give her as long as it's free,
Yeah she steals like a thief but she's always a woman to me.
Oh, she takes care of herself, she can wait if she wants,
She's ahead of her time.
Oh, and she never gives out and she never gives in,
She just changes her mind.
And she'll promise you more than the garden of Eden
then she'll carelessly cut you and laugh while you're bleeding,
But she brings out the best and the worst you can be.
Blame it all on yourself cause she's always a woman to me.
Oh, she takes care of herself, she can wait if she wants,
She's ahead of her time.
Oh, and she never gives out and she never gives in,
She just changes her mind.
She is frequently kind and she's suddenly cruel,
She can do as she pleases, she's nobody's fool,
But she can't be convicted, she's earned her degree,
And the most she will do is throw shadows at you
But she's always a woman to me.

Waiting for tomorrow's second test match.. hope the Indians would do better this time.. The English team looks good even without their top players... And, we have a gud challenge in our hands now.. Lets see...


  1. me 1st :-)

    Its nice to take a break for sometime. but its true sometime we think that i dont have control in my life its someone else who is ruling :| anyways..lets not to discuss it here :P

    and thats a wonderful lines you have written here for the woman.

    now you have got to know then why dont u guys celebrate Men's day :P

    and thanks for your lovely wishes on women's day :)

    take care

  2. This song is my favorute too.... infact many of the Billy Joel's songs are too good :)

    Men's Day... interesting :-)

    Let us start with it... ;)

  3. hi maams. not as big a breka as me :P ;0 i donno y u i wud write a new post whenevea u remind me that i need to post hehe. wow so niche of you to wish all women. i wish india cud win this match

  4. Hey lovely thing you have linked on/for the women's day.....Thanz!!

    And i have posted too after a looong break and will be away for another long break !! ;) ;)

    Take care and I hope India wins this match !! They better do ! gggrrr... :P

  5. hey prasad .......
    bekaar hai ye sab .men's day women's day and val day and all that..........

    seriously more hiped that anything else ......

    anyways ...

  6. LOL, saw that link on Men's Day - with all the countries hvg such varied days, i guess 364 days actually end up being men's day, with one day reserved for women ;-))

    Seriously , these Days business is getting too much. I dont see any utility or imp for W-day. C'mon, they are important all 365 days, aint they?

    Wonder what next will come? Underwear Day, Pant Day, Dog's Day, Cat's Day, Horse's Day... Cough and Cold Day, Headache Day :-| ha ha ha

  7. I had never heard about this song before but it is absolutely fabulous! and thanks for the wonderful little gift to the women here :) you know there should be a men's day! :)

  8. I think Ash is right... because sometimes I also feel all these days have been invented by Greeting Card companies, to increase the sale of cards on these occassions :-)

  9. I was wondering where did you go but I knew that you must be busy with work and life in general. Mujhe laga koi aur reason hain...**wink wink**.

    Yea, I got names of some really good movies too just by reading all the comments.

    Jim Carey is getting monotonous with his choice of movies lately. Although, he is still the No. 1 star in Hollywood. "Memoirs of Geisha" looks a good one. Just my kinda movie.

  10. Excellent choice of song for all the wonderful women out there. Bhai, aajkal ke zamane main, girls get all the

    India better win this match although the weather looks murky and can play spoil sport.

  11. LOL @ men's day.. !! :P :P

    btw... fab song...! have heard it before.. loved it!!

    and yup prasad, for the moment i though that u have also taken a break like ankur to fulfill your new year resolution :P :P :P

  12. The link for Women days was fabulous. I got only the pics by mail, it was nice and listen to see that :)
    And that is a very nice song by Billy Joel's.
    I want to see Crash too, got the CD, but yet to watch.

  13. Neetie, yeah. u get the gold :)
    and u r right... lets not discuss it here :P
    hmm... one more reason to celebrate u mean?
    u r always welcome :)

    @nkur, yeah.. this is a fabulous song.. isn't it?
    so, another reason to say and celebrate isn't it ;)

  14. yes Chandu, it was jus to remind u to post :P
    hmm.. even i wish India could win this match.. but with 2 days already gone, donno whats going to happen... lets see..

    Nidhi, hm.. glad u liked it :D
    too bad tht u r going on breaks.. come back soon..
    And even i wish India wins this one but the chances r slim becos of the weather...

  15. Ash, yeah.. i acccept. all these days r jus too much hyped isn't it? and as @nkur said, it'll jus boost up sales of lots of goodies.. ;)

    Deepak, hahaha.. true.. :)
    Underwear day?? what do u mean? everyone will wear underwear and come? ;P
    and seems ur choice of days r very gud.. LOL..

  16. Kaush, is it? u should listen to this one.. its a very gud song...
    yeah... ofcourse there is a men's day.. i hope u didn't check the other link i had specified... :)

    @nkur, thts a valid point u've made... most of the days like mummy day, daddy day, uncle day, aunt day, nephew day, blue day, pink day. what all days... all for the sale of greetings and gifts :)

  17. Ricky, koi aur reason?? kya matlab hai tera?? i didn't understand, am an innocent little boy u know.. :P
    hmm... Jim Carey is a talented guy and he is wasting it like this..
    yeah... Memoirs of geisha is a gud one... hope u'll like it..

    Yeah, we need to give attention to the girls or else we won't get any ;)

    The weather has already spoilt two days of play.. so, don't think it'll bring any result now. lets hope we do something tremendous to win this one..

  18. Manpreet, yeah... funny isn't it? :D
    this song is a great one indeed.. :)
    hahahaaa... even i wish i could do tht.. but...........

    Jaya, yeah.. tht link was great... isn't it?
    hmm.. i like tht song too.. :)
    Do tell me whether u liked tht movie Crash? am planning to watch it soon.. lets see..

  19. Happy Belated Women's Day! :-) You know Prasad even I was wondering if there is an International Men's Day. :-)

    You didn't like Fun with Dick and Jane? That's the last English movie that I have seen. It could have been better -- I think I can agree on that.

  20. yeh match bhi draw...
    Btw, that was a nice ke zaamane ki yaad aa gayee ;-)

  21. India ka kya hoga yaar. After third day's of play they have to again bat to save the damn match...

  22. hey its nice to take a break in once in a while :) men's day!! i dint knew.. n in india its on sept 29.. thats quite a news to me.. now i can wish men's day to my guy-frens too.. lol.. and cricket again!!!