Thursday, March 16, 2006

Its sometimes frustrating when you fall sick.. isn't it?
You are not allowed to eat the food you like or you want.
You won't be able to work properly without getting tired soon.
You won't be albe to sit infront of computer for longer duration.
You've to take all tht weird shaped tablets and medicines..
You feel like sleeping the whole day (which I always like to do :D, but not when I'm sick)
Worst is you want to do all the stuffs that you shouldn't be doing, only when you are sick... like how I want to eat some very good spicy foods now :(
Added to the frustration, when you are sick, you definitely want to be at home with your parents.... and again I want to go home now... :((

Haven't been in the best of healths the whole week.. was down with throat infection, cold n cough.... And it has now worsen into fever also.... some kind of viral fever... :(
I guess am very much allergic to this Bangalore climate and the dust pollution cos I very often get throat infection which leads to a terrible cold too :(
Sorry to have grumbled abt all these, but somehow had to get all these frustrations out... so, got it out thro' this post :)

Something which I do at these times is continuously listen to music to find some soothing relief... and am doing it now too :)
Listening to some of my favourite slow Malayalam songs now...


  1. hey maams .... so u have not yet recovered from your cold and throat pain .. when we met last time aalso you were feeling the same ..... go to a doc and take medicines ... Ya thats right, even I feel like going home when Iam sick .... take proper care of health ,may be try out some ayurvedic stuff if this is holding to you for long ....

    Or have a sphagetti with olive oil and I say everything will be back to normal ..... :-)

  2. hey
    get well soon....god bless u man...
    SOrry to here that but get some rest when u can...btw only at these times u get some special treatments from ur enjoy......

  3. Hey Prasad take care ......avoid too much oily n spicy stuff at ur office foodcourt.....try using tantum gargle for ur throat...get well soon...

  4. Aww! I hope you get well real soon. And yes, Let the music heal your soul...let the music take control.....
    oops carried away :$
    But yeah, hope you feel better soon.

  5. PV,yes.. am getting tht regular throat infection and this time with fever too :(
    u know my father told me tht the instant I land my foot in my hometown in Kerala, he'll take me to an ayurvedic doc and take some long time remedy for this... as u said :)

    Prakash, thanks buddy.. will be back to form by next week i guess :)
    but, the point is am not staying with my family here, thts the sad thing, i wish i could go home.. :(

  6. yes Mehak.. thanks.. am cautious abt tht.. infact i've not gone to office since y'day :)

    Moonstruck, hmmm.. thanks.. :)
    yes, let the music heal everything :D

  7. I know the feeling, recently wasnt well myself and its terrible :(
    Hope ur doing much better now,take care

    Yep, music takes all the blues away..
    even for me

  8. totally man.... bangalore has made half of the population allergic to dust (me included), and pollution level taking its peak. Its high time they do something before the toxic air gets life threatening.
    Hope you get well soon and take care!

  9. get well soon Prasad! drink lots of liquids and get some rest this weekend. Hope that you are back to normal very soon!!! :-)

  10. Get Well Soon, Buddy!!

    Shall I send some blondes to take care of you? They can dress as nurses too if that what you like...he he.

    I hate getting sick too and I crave eating achar when my throat is all screwed up.

    Have a good rest like a good boy, eat medicines and do not over-exert. Take care!!

  11. How r u feeling now?? take care of urself man!!!

  12. awww!!! get well soon re.. hmm.. if u r allergic to dust then take care not to go outside during peak traffic hours and travel as much as possible in closed vehicle.. take a li'l more precautions.. n i know it feels like hell to be on bed for whole day.. i fell tied down..

  13. Added to the frustration, when you are sick, you definitely want to be at home with your parents....
    So I am not alone. This is the most irritating feeling. Home-sickness extends the current sickness. :-(

    Get well soon...

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  15. is ur health now ! Hope so u get over of it ! Have u visited ur parents ?