Sunday, March 12, 2006

what a match!!!

Wowwwwwwwwwwww.. who would have thought South Africa would win the match against Australia after the Aussies scored 434 for 4. They went on to win scoring 438 for the loss of 9 wickets with 1 ball to spare :)))
Man, this goes down as a great great greatestestestt ODI cricket match ever played and am glad tht i got to see it live :)
Awesome innings by Gibbs got the match set for the SA..
The match got jus over... and I was sooooo excited tht I thought i'll record my excitement now itself in my blog :D
Aussies got a taste of their own medicine.. am glad abt tht.. :)
SA won the series 3-2.
Ok then, let me enjoy the award ceremony now.. and my bet for the man of the match is undoubtedly Hershelle Gibbs :)


  1. OMG! I couldnt see the game *Sadly* But I checked the score. Its madness. Insanity. What a game it must have been. That too SA and Australia. Ah!! I can't get over it. I wish I could see the highlights or something some how.

  2. yes man what a match....I still couldn't believe this...and first thing what I did was write a post so at least when tomorrow I will visit my site at least I can believe what a match that was.

  3. yeah.. yeah... awesome match!!

    now i'm wondering who will be the first person to get to 200 in ODI now?? it's become possible day by day!!

  4. yup maams.. whatta match it's. i am glad i saw history being re-written.first i saw 400 run mark for first tiemin ODI. then i saw highest run chase. & undoubtedly one of the bestbatitng i had ever seen is form's fun watching the aussies with pale faces & the crowd booing ponting everytime he goes & talks to bowler delaying the match.. & aussie fileders seen helpless after being banged all over. poore lweis i pity him as ponting gave crucial overs to him

  5. i saw the ;ast 10 overs of the match.. the excitement was too much.. even fo me who done give a second glance to a cricket match... yeah n poor lewis.. but then some bowler had to bite the dust when such a huge score was in creation!!

  6. Amazing performance...well as I didn't see...its all that hard to believe....shocking man....shockin...
    I'm missing home

  7. It's good that Ponting gave his share of Man of the Match to Gibbs too because he deserved it. What an innings!!

    The match will be remembered for years to come because I don't think these two records can be broken so easily.

    Thank You for providing me LIVE commentary in the end. You were faster than Cricinfo guys...LOL

    India also won, so it has been a good week for cricket for us atleast...:-)

  8. could nt see the match and not the highlights yet .. :-( ..

    been very busy now a days man ...

    What an amazinf performance by both the team.. Great Going

  9. Prasad
    After long I am here in the blog-world and decided to walk into everybody's world and here I am in yours. ;-)
    Yep. Even I was lucky to see the match live. Actually, when Smith & Gibbs went berserk with some crazy shots I had a wierd feeling that SA would win.
    For the last one hour of the game, I switched my nationality and became a SA-ian. Wow! Every boundary, every single, every six. I was enjoying.
    It will take a loooooooooooooooooong time for Aussies to recover from this shock. Good for them.

    Btw, h is ye doing Dude? Catch ye some time later.

  10. I KNOW!!! B called me right away after the match and he was shocked but happy....same excitement...kaash main dekh paati !! I miss india **bawl**!!!

  11. Am not a cricket buff at all but this match had me glued to my seat...n boy what a match!!! We were like oh they have won it...n hten oh no they might lose it..n in the end they did win :D...Great Game! The highest score in the history of ODI.

  12. i couldnt see the match have read virtually every artcle on this ..... what an effort ... and this is one record that can never be broken!

  13. Moonstruck, hmm. sure u should watch the highlights of tht match.. hope u saw tht.. contact ricky.. he might have got it somehow :)

    Tarun, true.. even thts what i did.. i wrote this post jus minutes after the completion of the match.. even before the award ceremony began.. unbelievable match.. :)

    Manpreet, true.. sehwag has been promising for sometime now tht he'll score tht 200 runs in ODI in a match.. but he is failing miserably nowadays.. lets see..

  14. Chandu, yeah... every ball was like a highlights in tht match.. isn't it.. poor Lewis, he might not get any international matches hereafter.. i presume.. :))

    Kishley, am surprised :O, u r talking abt cricket.. woww thts gud.. :P
    glad tht u got to watch tht match.. :)

    @nkur, yeah.. the greatest match :)

  15. Stone, yeah i know.. u must be missing home now.. try to get the highlights from the net.. and watch..

    Ricky,true.... gud week for cricket.. and glad tht Indians too won the match..

    Karthik, hmm.. was a great match indeed.. try to catch the highlights for sure.. :)

  16. RP, heyy.. nice to see u back :)
    hmm.. even i became a SA fan during tht match.. and badly want them to win jus to shock the Aussies a bit.. and glad tht it happened...

    Kaush, ohh.. thts nice to hear tht he too enjoyed teh match... don't worry.. jus India aajao phir yeh sab B ke saath enjoy karsakthe ho.. ;)

  17. Anz, yeah.. even i had my eyes glued to the TV till the last ball.. and was like ohh.... will they(SAs) win or lose and am glad they won atlast.. a great game indeed :)

    Anjan, lets hope tht this record can also be broken.. it'll be great na.. ;)

  18. i started watching wen Gibbs hittin aussies.. :)