Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Anniversary Wishes for my parents...

Am becoming very lazy nowadays.. feeling sooo lazy to even update my blog...
Wanted to write lots of things but didn't get tht mood to do it atall...

First n foremost... Today is my parents' anniversary. So, here I wish them...
"Happy Anniversary to acchan n amma..."
I got a surprise gift also this time for them.. A citizen pair watch set... will be giving it to them when I go home next month.... Here is it...

To acchan n amma...

Ok... now for some random thoughts....
  • First n foremost... my passion.. sports.. Am happy to see Michael Schumacher back to his winning ways.. and tht too in their home circuit of San Marino... Hope he'll continue winning many more races from here on.. All the best Schumi..
  • Nowadays am hooked onto the songs of Gangster n Fanaa....
    "Tu hi meri shab hai..." in Gangster is a greattt song... am jus listening to tht one repeatedly.. as also "Chand sifarish..." in Fanaa...
  • I saw "Ice Age 2: The Meltdown" last Sunday. A cool movie.. jus loved it alot... I like all these Cartoon movies very much.. lots of creativity n imagination into it with very gud animation too... These movies will surely make u laugh and forget everything atleast till the time u watch the movie. The Incredibles, Hanuman, Finding Nemo, Bugs Life... lots of such movies...
    Do you also like such animation movies? if so, which is ur favourite one???


  1. hi maams..
    happy wedding anniversary to uncleji & auntyji!.. & you forgot to mention the AWARD you got in office.. congrats for that too..& this is succha sweet gift! yeah Schumi is back!i missed the live action :( yeah carttosn r succha fun

  2. Hey 'HAPPY ANNIVERSRY!' to aunty and uncle :)

    And i love all the cartoon movies...why just movies..i am watching CN and POGO and Disney most of the times :P

    And the best was 'Ice Age-1' and Finding Nemo...first one for the amazing emotions and the second fo the beautiful sight...:)

    And yeah ... lots happening these days !!

  3. Happy Wedding Anniversay Uncle & Aunty.
    Lovely Gift Pras...tu samajdhar ho gaya hai...:P
    We missed the San Marino race;were at the Delhi airport at that time..
    lekin thanks to R-world...pata chal gaya tha ke Schumi won...
    I wanted Alonso to win...chalo next one he will win surely...
    Oye even i love songs from the movie Gangster...n mentioned the same in one of my posts...and yes 'Chand Sifarish' is an excellent song..
    Cartoon Movies..find them the Walt Disney fairy tales.

  4. Wishing ur parents a Happy anniversary n many more years of togetherness...

  5. just checked your profile & realised that we like the same kinda music.
    Yeah the songs just have a nasty habit of playing subconsciously in your mind, like a wimamp in your brain on auto-control....

  6. prasad,
    1stly itz a gr8 gesture in giftin yer parents. & itz a lovely gift. gives me ideas. :-)
    nd convey my wishes 2oo.

    Do you also like such animation movies?
    buddy, i feel animation movies r more difficult 2 direct, produce & conceive of than regular movies. it is more thought provokin too.

    if so, which is ur favourite one???
    i dont rmmbr the name. itz a short-film abt an old man playing a game of chess against himself 2 drive away boredom & h he wins against himself. wonderful movie.

  7. ur a very good son Prasad :)

    Happy Anniversary to ur parents from Keshi!

    Nice pair of watches!


  8. very nice watch set Prasad! i think that is a GREAT gift. Even we were thinking of gifting Neeraj's sister and her husband-to-be a his/her watches, but didn't find anything in the US that was suitable. I am glad that you did find a good pair. :-)

    The songs that you have mentioned are really good ones -- even i like that!

  9. Chandu, thanks alot chandu for the wishes.. conveyed to my parents.. :)
    hmm.. reg awards, nothing great abt tht yaar..
    hmm... yes.. Schumi is backkkkkkkk!!!! :D

    Nidhi, thanks.. wishes have been passed on to them :)
    Oh yeah.. even Cartoon Network n POGO r very gud. but rarely i watch those nowadays :(
    hmm.. so, u like Ice Age-1?? then u should surely see the second part too.. u'll love it..

  10. Mehak, thanks..
    ohh. even me missed the last few laps.. missed sseeing his victory live!! but, am glad he won it :D

    oh.. u want Alonso to win.. nooooo... schumi is back in his form. so, he'll challenge Alonso from now on!! (Hope so :D)
    yeah.. i saw tht. so, u too like Gangster songs.. they r lovely.. :)

    @nkur, thanks for the wishes on their behalf.. :)

  11. the pink berry, hey.. welcome to my blog.. and gud to know tht we have same music tastes :)
    hmm.. yeah.. true these songs play on ur mind repeatedly... non-stop :)

    RP, thanks alot RP... last time i gifted something like this was when i got my first pay :)
    now i thought its hightime i should do something.. so, thought of this :)
    True, animation movies r very difficult to make.. i jus love them :) hmm.. seems ur fav is one which i haven't seen..

  12. Keshi, thanks..yeah.. am a very gud son ;)
    n thanks for the wishes too.. :)

    Poonam, yeah.. even went to lots of shops n compared many watches.. mainly cos its for elderly ppl.. i want it to be nice n simple without any hi-fi stuffs, esply the gold strap which will look gaudy..
    one more thing is tht the dial should contain all 12 marks for hours else it'll be difficult for them to see the time..
    i considered many such things before selecting this one..
    hope they too like this one :)

  13. hey !! very thoughtful choice...saw the reply to Pooman and man! you thought of it all..

    Well to add to that..its not just elderly who need all 12 marks..I need too..otherwise it becomes a struggle to igure out in a jiffy :P :))

    And I always love steel...compared to leather and gold or any such thing.....they seem more like 'my' kind and very stylish ;)

  14. PLZ DON'T KILL ME !!

    I meant 'Poonam' :P :-S

  15. Nidhi, yeah... i did have to think alot... cos i want to make sure tht they'll like it and also use it regularly.. :)

    Oh... u also need tht 12 marks in ur watch?? I understand... thts cos u r also old na.. hehee.. :P
    hmm.. even I love the steel kind of strap than gold n others....

    And.. yeah.. am gonna sue u for making tht mistake!!! be ready :P

  16. First things first...
    my belated anniversary wishes to mu dear uncle and aunt.......

    ur a caring son etta...

    Always gifts creates a special place in start and always a chherful memory which pops up whenever u c it......

    Regardind F1... i am a fan of it.. jus bcoz of schumi.... He was awesome in the race.... Alonso couldnt do it though his car faster than Schumi's as per technical specification( I am mech engineer).... further reasons were .. it was ferrari's home circuit.. wish Schumi wins more races in future.....

    Regarding ICE age 2 yet 2 c it... 3d animation pictures are the toughest one to create... Hats off to holllywood and technicians for their excellant work.... From ice age 1 to tis ice age i hav the pleasure of c ing all the animation pictures.... My favourite is Madagascar.....

  17. Hii,
    "Happy Anniversary to your parents"
    I saw Ice Age-2 on the day of release here, and me too love animations movies.
    My all time favourite is 'LION KING' :-)

  18. hey prasad .... my wishes to your parents too :)

    you free next week?? meetup??

    Saw Ice age 2 day before .... a must-watch!! had fun !!
    my fav: Incredibles :D

  19. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to ur Parents from my side as well :)
    Nice set of watches, they wud cherish and like this watch even more as its being presented by their son :)

    I like animated movies too. I haven't watched Ice Age 2 as yet, Ice Age 1 was good. There are some other ones out like Madagascar, Chicken Little..Curious George..yet to watch though.
    BTW, I watched half of the movie CRASH ;P still to watch the rest

  20. A belated Happy Anniversary to your parents. How sweet of you to get them this. I don't follow F1 much but good on Schumacher for the win. And yeah, animated movies are so much fun. The last one I watched was Madagascar. Should watch new ones.

  21. Happy Wedding Anniversary to Uncle and Aunty jee.

    This is a nice gift buddy.

    I am happy about our Schumi too. He has not been in the best of forms but good for him.

    Gangster is said to be the best movie to come out of Bollywood this year. The songs are good too. Fanaa's songs are okish. I like "Chand Sifarish" too.

    My fav. cartoon movie would ahve to be, Finding Nemo and Shrek series. Also, Lion King was the ultimate.

  22. Sujith, thanks alot Suji.. will convey those wishes for sure :)

    Oh.. nice to see tht u r also an F1 fan.. yeah.. am also a schumi fan :)
    hmm... true but Renault car is much superior than Ferrari, so, Alonso still stands a gud chance to win the championship this year too.. lets hope tht schumi won't allow this to happen ;)

    Oh.. even i've seen Madagascar.. i love the character Alex, the lion in it :)

  23. Stone, thanks alot.. :)
    Oh.. u saw it the first day?? gud..
    am yet to see Lion King..

    Anjan, thnx :)
    sure.. we r gonna meet tomorrow as planned.. :)
    Yeah..Ice Age 2 was very nice.. n Incredibles is one of my fav too...

  24. Jaya, Thanks alot.. nice to see u back :)
    yeah.. i wish they like tht too :)

    Do watch Ice age 2. thts also as gud as the first part..
    So, how did u like Crash?
    I too watched it a couple of days back.. and liked it alot..

    Moonstruck, Thanks for the wishes.. :)
    u should start following F1.. u'll like tht too n be hooked onto tht jus like cricket.. ;)

    Madagascar was gud...u should watch Ice Age 2 also..

  25. Ricky, thanks alot Ricky. ur wishes have been passed onto them ;)

    Yes.. hope schumi wins some more races n get some confidence going.. then he'll be difficult to beat..

    Yeah, i too read the reviews of Gangster... will watch it this week mostly. lets see.. my roommates r planning for tht..

    u know am yet to see the Shrek series.. many say they both r gud.. will try to watch those soon :)

    Harry, thanks for the wishes :D

    @nkur, Update hogaya :)

  26. belated wishes

    neways happy anniversary!!!

    n its nice pair :P

    gimme it soon ..hee hee !!!

  27. hello prasad....wish uncle n aunty frm my side...wel u dnt kno me...i was jsz searching 4 sum gifts 2 giv my parentz on their anniversary..n then came across ur blog....gud goining..kip rocking...

  28. heyyy mom n dad happy wedding anniversayyyyyy may ur day be filld wth happiness n joyyyy