Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Back in the garden city, after an extended weekend at home...
I have lots to tell.. donno where to begin..
So, let me start with something very serious...

Last weekend, we lost one of Kannada film industry's major star Rajkumar. He was also a great person for the Kannada ppl here.. one whom many worshipped...
I guess all of you might have heared of this news as this spurred some violence here in Bangalore. Something which surprised me cos his being a natural death, I didn't think ppl were this crazy as to go on a rampage, shutting down all the offices, burning vehicles, destroying public property, making life hell for ppl for 2 days.
Somehow since I had booked a ticket thro' train, I had chances to go home tht day.. and still I had to suffer a bit as there were no means of transport to the railway station.. and when I asked an autowala, he said even if u give 500Rs I won't come. Another said u gimme Rs.250, I'll drop u safely... I said, tht much money is enough for me to take to my hometown. Tht was the situation here.. everyone was afraid to even venture outside. Somehow negotiated for Rs.150 and reached the railway stn 3 hrs before the actual train timings :)
But, some of my friends, who were to travel by bus, couldn't make it tht day.. and were struck up in Bangalore without food tht day..

Anyway, the point am trying to say is... I never felt tht ppl can be this mad to resort to such means of hurting others and even killing a policeman. I am sure Rajkumar would have felt bad to the core seeing all these happenings.. I know most of the ppl doing these are anti-social elements trying to take these opportunities and do all tht they want.. But, I can't accept tht such things happen in a cosmopolitan place like Bangalore. It happens only in India!!! is it??

The next issue is... when such a person's death n funeral is being made a big issue... there was one death which very few ppl noticed and which required, if not such huge, atleast a bit of attention of all the ppl.
Am talking abt the death of Javed, an 18-year old boy who saved the lives of 8 children in the Meerut fire that happened last week... He died after suffering from nearly 70% of burns after saving the kids... Little did we know abt this great act of bravery.

Do check out this link
Hats off for this young boy for this valiant act of bravery...

There are some more things I want to talk about... may be in the next post...


  1. Ya things going to extreme... both in Raj Kumar case,

    And how Authorities have made dead bodies disappear in Meerut Firs.. its really sad state of affairs...

  2. Even I hate this extra doings for Rajkumar. He is dead is not gonna come ne more so why trouble??

    I heard about Javed too. Brave lad. God bless his soul.

  3. so true..i didn't understand why there was so much terror in bangalore over the death of dr.rajkumar.

    i did hear abt. javed -- what he did was very brave. Aaj Tak showed alot on him after the meerut fire, etc..

    but your point is very true -- those that do well get left behind in the news. Good post Prasad!!

  4. Hey,

    We all talk about bravery. Well What have u all done for his family? Have you started a trust under his name.

    Think about it.
    Just talking golden words will not help him have peaceful life with angels.

  5. yes..as you pointed out some amazing kind of mass hysteria gripped the people of bangalore....i was amazed at the way the went on rampaging the city...and the young policeman....he had a promising career..infact those footage of pulling up the policemen and beating them was so....so...

    And as for Javed..the hospital authorities were at fault it seems..he did something very valian and rightly deserves praise...

    As for the caustic remark left just before me...seems we live in a world of cynics...does someone who stands by his/her view have to make such a remark under 'ANONYMOUS' ...well atleast you had point to make and you did...and I think its important and most pertinent today that we keep intact our sensitivity....and when the opportunity presents we may live up to it...Am sure Javed must not have slept over the idea of saving people risking his life of a good part of his age...heroes are not made such...thay rise to the occassion....

  6. And in all the dreary happenings...Prasad lets not forget those good events which happened....

    They happened because the motive of the anti-social elements were not successful....Say the bomb blast at Jama Masjid and also the Blast that rocked Vranasi..

    Amazing sense of peace and maturity was displayed by the concerned 'guru' ...They were able to arrest a situation which could have multi fold after effects..

    I am sure India will survive...because WE understand the importance of peace and justice....Its sure difficult to be able to charter a definite role for us today...but i am sure we will be able to find our own calling with time..


  7. I too cdnt understand what this all hype was all abt, someone dies doesnt mean all hooligans have to come out on streets and beat-up policemen.. It was such a disrespect for the person who died..
    And yes i heard about that brave lad.. god bless his family..
    btw my phone is nokia 7610, with which those pics were clicked..

  8. @nkur, hmm.... sorry state of affairs.. lets hope the situation gets better...

    RP, yeah.. i donno why ppl r soo much mad in these things..

    Poonam, yeah.. there were some scary moments for us too..
    oh.. am glad tht atleast some channel showed his brave deeds...
    thanks :)

  9. anonymous, I hope ur qn was answered by my friend Nidhi....
    I am in no mood to start off an argument.. if atall u want to say something, come out n tell tht frankly. why hiding under tht "anonymous" tag..
    This is my blog and it contains my views.. if u don't like it, jus don't read it... As simple n straight as it is...

  10. Nidhi, yes.. I wonder where these ppl get all these courage to do such kind of stupid acts..
    and tht policeman incident toh was really heights of anything..

    Yeah... i too heard tht the hospital personnel were to be blamed for his death..
    I hope he gets the Bravery Award this year for the act he did.... he deserves it..

    And thanks alot Nidhi for ur support and replying to tht anonymous comment.. and u said it very well!! :)

    As for the good things tht has happened, am glad tht u brought these points here up... I was actually fearing of some communal fights after tht Jama Masjid incident, but thankfully our ppl have learnt from our past mistakes n we r showing tht maturity we need..

    And lastly, as u say... we as zombies now won't be doing much to these things, but in things we could actually do, like the ones u specified in ur old post (remeber? the one in which u wrote abt environment n surroundings), we should keep doing those things...
    lets see where all these things takes us!!!

  11. Kishley, hmm.. some anti-social elements take up these opportunities to make life hell for ppl.. i wonder why this happens.. is the system not gud or r we also responsible for such things to happen? donno.. very difficult to answer..

    Oh.. so, ur fone is Nokia 7610.. gud.. jus wanted to know tht.. cos the clarity was gud... thanks :)

  12. Yep! The violence was shocking. I mean the person died of natural causes. Sad.
    And even the Meerut fire. That was horrifying.
    RIP to 'em all.

  13. Nidhi, thanks once again :D

    Moonstruck, yeah.. some horrifying acts :(

    Maya, hmm... a true hero he was..

  14. Maams , I happened to change my nick name for some reason .... so Iam here to tell you that , Visit moi blog for details

  15. Even I was surprised by the violence after Rajkumar's demise. I had heard a lot about him, ironically, thanks to Verrapan. He was almost like Amitabh Bachachan of Kanadda industry. Infact, when I met Dharmendra in his farmhouse with college-mates, he talked very fondly of Rajkumar and how he speaks Kannada with him.

    I was worried about you and Ektaran too as all of you were supposed to go during this chaos. I am glad you all were fine. Its really sad that its happening in metro cities like B'lore. News like such makes headlines in Western media because B'lore is almost a household name here. It's bad reputation for the city.

    Thank You for posting about Javed and his heroism. He is a true hero compared to anyone. I salute him for his valour.

    Meerut was my hometown for 3 years and I am very attached to it. It has some of the most wonderful people from all religions living together.

  16. I got shoocked the way people reacted on his death......what were they out of their mind.

    About javed and meerut fire, me too wrote a post about same.

  17. If this famoud person died of natural causes, why so much outrage from public? It baffles me how violence seems to be the only way to vent out frustration these days!


  18. ya... The media is not at its best now.Concentrating on publicity they dnt care abt public but their profit... Sane thing hapnd with our common wealth hero Samaresh Jung... Not even his photo was in any paper. In hindu we had Rai's photo in front page rather than him.it really a pathetic situation whr we are heading too.... God alone can Save INDIA.

  19. Regarding the bang incident.....
    They're down to the core idiots. there Cant be any explanation for these barbaric acts