Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Quota system? WHAT!!! More reservations.. OH NO NOT AGAIN!!!

Well I wanted to write a post on this right from the day they announced this Quota system...
I feel our Indian Cricket team is more predictable(till last year or so, they were really unpredictable, can spring surprises any time) than our political system nowadays...
Its such a crap of a system that they r trying to bring about. Sorry for tht language, I jus can't stop myself... How in the world did they think of introducing more n more quota systems!!
Now, almost all the major universities, including IIT and IIM, have nearly 50% of seats on quota system (adding the proposed 27% reservation for OBCs)...
What do u say to the students who work hard, day n night toil hard and try to get into those universities thro' merit? How will they feel when they come to know tht their seat is grabbed by someone who is well below his/her merit and still got in, thro' this so-called quota/reservations???

Ok, let me first throw some more light as to why am complaining so much abt this...
You know this quota system is in place for long long years in Tamilnadu... I guess there its almost 70% of the seats r reserved, right forom SCs, STs, MBCs to BCs.
The rest of the seats are in the open category too, I mean, if a person from BC or SC or any caste tops, the seat he takes in the university will go from the Open category and not from the reserved category.
So, all tht the other castes, outside reservation, get to fight is those few seats in the open category.
I did my Engineering in Tamilnadu and I was one of the sufferers cos of this reservation system. Thts why am complaining alot..
I ranked somewhere in the high 1000s (I guess 1017 or something) in the state entrance exams for the Engineering seats. I still remember tht day when I went for counselling in Chennai to select a college based on my ranking. All those who were around my ranking got into some good Government colleges whereas I got into a private engineering college only. I didn't go and ask anyone abt where they got into, cos I know they'll answer some govt college and i'll get more n more frustrated. I jus accepted that and did my engineering pretty well..

Ok, enough of this personal stories.. I'm not saying tht this quota system shouldn't be there atall. There should be some reservation for the lower class ppl but, tht reservation shouldn't be sooo high tht the ppl on the other side get affected alot. There must be a limit for all these. I don't want ppl all over the country to suffer like whats happening in some parts already.
Atleast spare the top institutions in this country like IITs n IIMs from these.. They should take ppl only based on merits cos they represent our country everywhere in the world... There shouldn't be any reduction of quality in these institutions..

One more thing, don't u think that we r trying to differentiate ppl and races by introducing such reservations? Don't u think that we all are one and we all have equal rights to do things we want to. I agree some ppl do need a bit of support, yeah.. right.. a bit of support but not complete support.. we shouldn't be spoon-feeding them, we should show the way to come up.
I saw the show The Big Fight in NDTV 24x7 news channel a couple of days back. They were arguing on this and it was nice to see ppl's views.. I hope some of u must have seen it..

Anyway, friends.. i hope u too agree that this reservation shouldn't be stretched to as much as 50%. If you feel so, sign this online petition.. Say NO to Quota system


  1. with 50% reservation the IITs will no longer remain a place of excellence in education. Bright students should try elsewhere. See more on this in my blog at

  2. Ask politicians either to have 50% reservation in politics too or no reservation anywhere

  3. Nothing is more disheartening to a meritous student than to be mired in all these 'quota' system...!!

    I am actually apalled by all the cheek that these politicians have...politicing every issue...irrespective of the consequences and leaving the future compromised...

    If they actually want to uplift the positions of the BC and the rest...let them be given free training or free coaching...i mean the means shud be provided but to gift them seatsin higher institution will not be conducive to either those wh benefit neither those who have been wronged .

    If only they wuld ever think above their vote banks and concentrate on the state of gov. schools and institutions..they wouls know where the change is required ..

    Its not about doing all...but doing right and what is justifiable...


  4. I have been reading about it everywhere. As I commented on Anz's blog that Reservation is not the answer. We should all work to improve situation of these people so that they can compete with regular people and get admissions on the basis of merit. Like we have native people in Canada too but they don't have reservations as such. Instead, they get tax breaks, free education, free healthcare, free medicines, cheap housing. This is way better than reservations, I believe.

    Some of the stats you wrote here are pathetic. 50% in IIMs and IITs and 70% in TN. Damn!! I see another Mandal Commision repeating all over again.

    Something should be done about it. Maybe the students will have to rise against it coz the Govt. won't.

  5. ish, yeahhh.. really its too bad...

    amalh, very true...
    thanks for the link, i'll check it rightaway..
    am glad tht there r lots of ppl supporting this cause.. :)

    Tarun, hmm.. gud question tarun.. if only we can ask ;)
    anyway, these r election tricks.. lets wait n see what happens..

  6. Hi Prasad..
    yes we got a similar system in Sri lanka...
    quota depending on the area u live...so every one got diferent cutout marks for their own area...at has both good and bad....

  7. yeah strawy... too tooo bad :(

    Nidhi, exactly.. well said.. hope the politicians too could understand this..

    yeah.. they should try n concentrate on other sectors where not much progress is happening..
    and govt. schools, as u said, is the right place to begin with..
    the sub-standards of these govt schools r what making these so-called backward class ppl ( i never want to call them tht.. cos i believe we r all one and this is a kind of discrimination.. isn't it?) not so intelligent in their studies..
    if they could improve these first.. anyway, our views r not important for them atall.. right???
    anything and any means to get votes.. :((

  8. Ricky, its true.. reservation is not the right thing to do.. we can do better to improve their educational standards... then, they can compete better with all equally..

    and hmm.. lets see.. there will be a students uprising for sure if this becomes too much to bear..

    Prakash, oh.. so, there too u've got this reservation system.. hmm.. true buddy.. it can be good n bad but having around 50% reservation is not atall gud..
    anyway, its jus a few of our opinions.. lets see..

  9. Reservations... hot topic everywhere..

    have already posted my views on my blog and anubha's comment section!

  10. have u heard of BITS-pilani for engg courses? There's no quota here.. all admissions r on merit only.. isnt that gr8..

  11. Our dear Politicians didn't find any other alternative, whereby they can increase their vote bank. So came out with this.

    "Kissa Kursi Ka" ...

    Good Question Tarun :)

  12. Manpreet, yeah... i saw those.. :)

    Kishley, yes i know abt tht college.. but i guess reservation will come there too pretty soon.. if not, am really happy abt it :)

    @nkur, yeah.. exactly... anything for a seat!! too much.. :(

  13. I believe that there should be quota system but based on financial needs to qualified people. SC/ST/OBC's should have right to study but if they are not good its not worth it. If they are good student govt.. should help them financially not by dividing into different races

  14. King Kong, thanks for your views.. i too agree with u tht we should help ppl based on their situations..

  15. We must investigate the term "merit".Is "merit" just a score in entrance exams at age of 17?

    Take the claim of "merit based" entrance to all IIMs and dozens of other institutes.

    The CAT exam is based on the SAT exam in the USA . It has been proved beyond doubt that the SAT test is culturally biased . Blacks and hispanics do poorly at it year after year .

    If a student who is eligible for admission to IIM on the basis of his CAT score, were to take the same CAT exam in which he/she cleared in a language that he/she did not understand then he/she would be at a disadvantage compared to someone who was schooled in that language . Not knowing that language does not mean you lack the capacity to clear that exam.

    Approximately 25 % of CAT test is about English! Another 25 % is about English Comprehension!!!! There you are !!!! About 50 % so called aptitude test is a hoax for someone who is from a non-english speaking background .

    This is how the CAT like the SAT is discriminatory .

    See the full form of SAT …Scholastic Aptitude Test . The problem is aptitude testing is not so simple . There is no test on earth which can reliably tests aptitude .

    Aptitude tests such as the SAT have a historical tie to the concept of innate mental abilities and the belief that such abilities can be defined and meaningfully measured. Neither notion has been supported by modern research. Few scientists who have considered these matters seriously would argue that aptitude tests such as the SAT provide a true measure of intellectual abilities.

    It was found that people could be coached to better their scores at SAT . The name SAT …Scholastic Aptitude Test could not be correct . So under such valid criticism the name was changed to Scholastic Assessment Test, since a test that can be coached clearly did not measure inherent "scholastic aptitude", but was influenced largely by what the test subject had learned in school. Even the College Board which conducts the SAT has beaten a hasty retreat.This was a major theoretical retreat by the College Board conducting SAT, which had previously maintained that the test measured inherent aptitude and was free of bias.

    About ten years back , however, even the redundancy of the term assessment test was recognized and the name was changed to the neutral, and non-descriptive, SAT. At the time, the College Board announced, "Please note that SAT is not an initialism. It does not stand for anything."

    The framers of these SAT tests assumed that intelligence was a unitary inherited attribute, that it was not subject to change over a lifetime, and that it could be measured and individuals could be ranked and assigned their place in society accordingly. The SAT evolved from these questionable assumptions about human talent and potential.

    More and more people are questioning the validity of SAT . In the past MENSA used to accept high SAT score individuals . For the past decade it has stopped accepting SAT scores .

    The whole exercise of deciding merit based on CAT scores discriminates against those from lower socio-economic status.

    Though many non-IIM institutes have started accepting CAT scores, the application fee of these institutes is still inexplicably high.

    The CAT is primarily an exam of Math and English. Logical and Analytical Reasoning is nearly absent (except for some verbal reasoning which again depends on knowing English well!!!!).

    CAT is a clever way to keep those from lower socio-economic strata away Institutes funded with tax payers money .

    So claims of “Merit” based on CAT scores is hollow and discriminatory against those of lower socio-economic strata.

    Dhirubhai Ambani had a poor command over English . He would not have made it through CAT. So what "merit" are we talking of?