Tuesday, April 04, 2006

the real menace is out now :)

hey all.. how have u all been doing?
am feeling great now.. had another trip to Kerala last weekend cos of the long weekend.... I also went to Coimbatore to meet my grandparents....
Am now again waiting for next week when there is another long weekend in the offer.. cos of Good Friday... The new year for us(ppl in Kerala) also falls on the same day n its called Vishu. So, me getting ready to celebrate it with my parents.. :)

And friends.. need some suggestions.. am planning to buy a new mobile Motorola's Moto Razr V3i model... the new model which got released a few months ago...
Check the features here -> Moto Razr V3i
I did a small search and studied the other models of the same range in Nokia and Sony Ericsson.... but, found this one to be very gud... What do u all think? Any issues any of u have come across in Motorola mobiles??
My old mobile has served me for nearly 3 years now.. Its a Panasonic GD68 mobile which is obsolete now :), but still I love this mobile cos its been with me for a long time...

Lastly, I felt most of my blog friends out here know me very well.. so, I thought I should remove this mask of Dennis, the menace and reveal the real menace!!! :D
So, here I'm open to the world now... :)

Currently listening to Darren Hayes' "Insatiable", a beautiful song....


  1. me first , me first ... The real dennis is out ..... who let him out ... good maams .... But u look serious in that pic . Now prasads blog will have lot of activity aha .... so u r changing ur mbl ..... that looks good go for razr ...

  2. Hey
    prasad...hope ur doing great....
    and atlast u have published ur pic........
    my friend got that phone and it is very good only think is i think it is wider than others...

  3. hmm......trust the MBAs for all the sites.. visit mouthshut.com , it 'might' have some reviews for the model :P It should i mean.. :)

    since everyone's remarking about the 'pic'..finally 'dennis' is looking 'cool' .. predictable isn't it ;)


  4. You look cooool :)
    But u looked different thru Web-Cam :roll:

    So is this ur latest pic ??? ;)

  5. Really a fabulous photo Prasad!! :) You are looking very dashing. :P Good to finally put a face/voice (heard you at the OBM :) ) with a name.

    As for mobiles -- Motorola Razr is a great phone. I am a big lover for cellphones and have found this phone and what the Nokias to be great phones. Many of my friends and family have the Razr and haven't heard any complaints as of yet. I think it will be a good investment for you!! Go for it! :)

  6. feeling J...u get to meet ur parents every weekend..lucky boy..
    Ohh Prasad even i am soo confused about which fone to but...my research is still on...many frends have suggested Sony Ericsson k750i...as of now decided on Nokia 6270...but then Razr V3i is gooood
    n i too love that song...video bhi acha hai..darren hayes

  7. Real menace looks nice :-)

    Abt cellphn, I've no clue.

  8. PV, yeah.. the pic is a bit serious.. but thts the only gud pic i had maams ;)
    yeah... am looking to change my mobile... might be razr v3i mostly....

    Prakash, yeah.. am doing fine.. thanks :)
    hmm... gud so, u too say the mobile is gud..

  9. Nidhi, yeah.. thanks for the link tht u gave.. did go thro' tht.. might go for the same model...
    ohh.. thanks :) the dennis is atlast out menacingly.. ;)

    Ankur, oh.. u mean i was different thr thro' the webcam??
    might be tht this is the best pic i had of me ;)
    and yeah.. this is somewhat latest u can say. around 3-4 months back..

  10. Poonam, thanks.. waise i think dashing is too high a word for me ;)
    and i thought u had already seen me during OBM trho the webcam.. didn't u??

    Gud, so another great review abt this fone.. am almost done doing research on tht fone.. so, u can say almost finalised :)

  11. Mehak, not every week actually. u can say once a month.. this jus so happened tht there were too many holidays together and so, am going almost alternate weeks. but it ends next week :(

    oh.. i thought u had finalised on tht Nokia thing.. anyway, i too had a look at tht one.. but thought it was a bit bulky.. and i wanted a flip model.. ;)
    price bhi thoda zyada tha..nokia ka.. so, goign with moto razr v3i

    and yeah, even i like this Darren Hayes' song.. also some more of his when he was with Savage Garden..

    Stone, thanks alot :)

  12. good to see your photo finally....

    you look quite young.. but serious as well :)...

    btw, yeh new year resolution poora karne ke liye to yahan photo nahin daali?? eh? :P :P

    Talking about phones... i have used samsungs.. sony erricson.. motorola.. nokia... over the last 6-7 years... and nokia takes the cake any day...!! they are easier to use... and more reliable than any of the other manufacturer's phones..

    btw, why don't u check out the reviews online.. there are plenty of forums/sites dedicated to mobile phones!!

  13. I think u knew I was coming :) ur pic looks great Prasad!

    U went to Kerala? Lucky u!

    And thanks for dropping by my blog!


  14. hmmm...prasad u getting nice compliments...good good

    changing mob...;-) i think moto RAZR is best...its good go for it...:)

  15. Is this one as much of a menace as the original?

    U look good Prasad!

    Hope you have a great holiday with your parents!

    Happy Vishu!


  16. Prasad, I will go thro' V3 details later. But, at least, the previous version of the same model had a big time problem in the in-built memory. It had only 10MB, so no point in having a mobile with gr8 features but no memory to store! :-(
    Once I go thro' the website will give out more comments. :-)

  17. jumped here from prakash's blog ,
    ummmmmmmmm i m a Nokia fan, so dunno much bout other fones... but it looks cute n sexy ... go for it.
    all the best Prasad


  18. Heylo!! Finally someone in India who's thinking of Motorola. Interesting.
    Oh and Insatiable is a great song :D

  19. yupie indiw won.. maams where the 2 kids photos :P or the family photo!Go for Moto Razr. Menace & u! naah you are "saada seeda" type hein naa (as mehak says)

  20. ohh correct Chandu...
    bachoon ke photu kidhar hai???
    arre Prasad seedha saadha tha...tha

  21. you luk quiet opposite of what i thought u would luk like.. :) u turned out to be better.. :) but dont just ask me wat i thought of u cos i wont tell :P n abt the phone, moto razr is gud.. quite stylish.. but dunno abt its features n all..

  22. Manpreet, yeah.. this foto is a bit serious...
    hmm.. new year resolution? arre yaar har baar tu ya Ankur yehi baat yaad dilakar mujhe desperate karrahe ho.. ;)

    and abt fones, i've never used nokia and somehow feel thts a bit bulky :) but agree tht its the best out of the lot..
    I did check lots of reviews online and also from some users of the fone.. and I'm going with Moto Razr v3i :)

  23. Keshi, hmm.. u had commented on my blog once and since then i started visiting urs.. but commented only recently.. :)
    btw, thanks for the compliment ;)

    yeah.. i go to Kerala atleast once every month cos thts my native place.. :D

    Sweety... helloji.. welcome back to blogworld again.. :)
    hmm.. thanks.. will go for the same...

  24. Rashmi, not much of a menace, to be frank ;)
    thanks :)
    yeah, am very much looking forward to go home this weekend.. and thanks for the Vishu wishes.. :)
    Hope u too have a nice long weekend thr..

    RP, hmm.. yeah.. all those problems in the prev model is solved here.. this model has external memory and can be extended too :)
    as of now they r giving a 256MB memory too..

  25. Strawy, hi.. welcome to my blog.. :)
    thanks for being here..
    yeah.. am going for tht fone itself..
    btw, went to ur blog but,couldn't find a provision to comment on ur blog :(

    Moonstruck, hmm.. true here everyone is interested in Nokia only.. cos thts the reliable one here..
    anyway, am going for Motorola itself :)
    yeah.. i too love tht song... and also some songs from his former Savage garden band...

  26. chandu, i thought of sparing the two kids... and getting all the attention for myself :P
    great chandu, u always give me free publicity ;)
    hmm... me and seedha saadha type.. wowww.. thankssss.. :)

    Mehak, :(( no comments on tht..
    and kyaa??? :o
    seedha saadha "tha"???
    kyun, ab kya hua mujhe??

  27. Kishley, ohh.. is it??
    whatt?? better, toh kya socha tha aapne??
    no no, i need to know what u thought abt me.. ;), guess it wasn't tht gud.. phir bhi.. i want to know it..
    hmm.. am going for tht moto razr fone itself.. :)

  28. the menace is better than the dennis ... no idea about the mobiles dude ... anyway we shall meetup in bangalore for sure .. am leaving tomorrow ... till then you have fun !

  29. Anjan, thanks :)
    yeah.. waiting to meet u here..
    have a nice journey...

    ish, thanks.. and welcome to my blog.. :)