Friday, April 14, 2006

Vishu Aashamsagal...

Wish you all Happy Vishu... Happy Tamil New Year... and Happy Baisakhi too :)

Vishu marks the beginning of a new year for the ppl in Kerala. I had wrote a post last year abt what exactly happens on this day and what do we do.. all these u can check it in this link -> About Vishu

Today, I woke up early in the morning at 4.30am itself, saw the Vishukkani and then went to abt 5 temples nearby and came back..
I thought of taking a snap of the Vishukkani we kept at home, but unfortunately forgot to bring the camera :(

Now, enjoying the Vishu by watching new Malayalam films in TV...
I have lots to discuss about.. which I'll start in the next post...
Till then, enjoy the day...


  1. Happy Vishu , Maams .... 5 temples ,early morning 4:30, I know it would hve been tough to get uo at that time. Thats really great , Maams I want to see kerla , Cant wait long, .... so u got take me to ur place , C is also ready for that .......

  2. Happy Vishu to you buddy.

    Nice to read about Vishukkani. It's always wonderful reading about different traditions.

    You should get your new cell soon then you won't have to worry about camera...he he

    Take care and have a nice break!!

  3. Happy Tamil New Year, Happy Vishu and Happy Baisakhi!!

    Wonderful time of the year!!! :)

    Am going to read more about Vishu now. :)

    Take care and enjoy!!

  4. arre you are home again !! :P Happy Vishu !!

    Jeez you are so lucky to be able to make it home for the festival...I have spent most of the festivals away from home...but anyways.. :P

    So much festivities :-O ...waiting for all the news ..

    Take care :)

  5. 5 temples early in morning.. that is one tough job... by the way my city has just one hindu temple and we have most of the gods there.. so one temple is enough for us.

  6. Happy Vishu !
    I read the old post, was very entertaining to read .
    I dont know, but my family dont celebrate it. I guess it's mainly for the Hindu community in kerala, is it ?

    I have a lot to say too..but I am stuck with laziness and more laziness to blog :(

  7. hi there:)
    first time in here
    belated vishu greetings
    hope you had a great time
    will be back for more

  8. wow and 5 temples...tat's amazing.i didn't even wake up to go to one haha

  9. PV, yeah... it was tough.. but was nice.. :)
    yeah.. lets get our plans ready and book now itself...

    Ricky, thanks Ricky...
    yeah.. I too thought of the same.. if only i had tht fone :)
    btw, i've made arrangements to get the fone.. will get it by this month end mostly..

  10. Poonam, thanks alot..
    yeah.. hope u too had a great time thr.. :)

    Nidhi, yeah... went home for the festival.. :)
    i don't want to miss all these as long as am atleast somewhat near my home..
    Thanks for the wishes.. n am back to b'lore today.. so, gotta start working again :(

  11. King Kong, yeah.. but even in my place there is one huge temple where u can find every God, but still we go to all the nearby temples.. atleast on this new year.. :)
    btw, welcome to my blog and thanks for being here..

  12. Jaya, yeah.. its mainly a Hindu festival.. but here in Kerala, we all celebrate it equally.. like how we do during Onam n Christmas..

    Laziness?? ohh no!! comeon.. be a sport and start writing now.. :D

    Maya Cassis, thanks for the wishes.. yeah.. i did have a great time..
    hmm.. all credit to my father for making me come to all these temples.. ;)

  13. wait, let me come & get my share of chips before your kids finish ;)

  14. i dint even noticed baisakhi came n went :( wen we were kids, my mom used to make garlands of dry fruits, which is a tradition, though usually we asked here to make biggr ones or with toffees included :) and she sometimes did include toffees :) i am missing that now...karegu

  15. Chandu, ohh.... so sad chandu.. half of the chips packet is already over.. and yeah u guessed it right.. my two kids in my room (read my roommates) ate those ;)

    Kishley, yeah.. we miss those childhood days very much.. when we used to do things which we like the most.. right?