Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thalappoli - Part I

Hey all.... am sorry to keep u all waiting for the post abt the Pooram festival in our native... work is a bit hectic nowadays... so, not finding suitable time to write a detailed post and upload the pictures.
So, I thought let me upload a few snaps here as of now.... and start explaining the festival in parts rather than keeping u waiting for a detailed post :)

Generally, Pooram festivals are celebrated every year all over Kerala in different dates. "Thrissur pooram" is the King of all poorams which most ppl would have heard about.

Thalappoli is the name of the Pooram festival that is celebrated in my native Thiruvilwamala (present in Thrissur district). This festival is celebrated jus a week(the next Sunday) after the famous Thrissur Pooram.
It is a festival celebrated for the Parakkotu kavu temple housing Goddess Bhagavathi(or Durga mata as known by many)

So, as of now enjoy these snaps... u'll see more snaps of elephants.. :)

Parakkotu Kavu (Durga Temple)
Parakkotu Kavu(Durga Temple in our native)

Elephants which came to our home to take a bath. Yeah.. don't be surprised... since our home is near to one of the temples, some elephants came to our house to take bath before getting ready for the festival.
Elephants taking bath at our house...

This one is the largest temple elephant in Kerala and very famous too.. I forgot its name.. will update it once I clarify with my father :)
The largest temple elephant in Kerala. Isn't it majestic????

Aana Chamaya pradarsanam - A paraphernalia of elephant decorative
Aana Chamaya pradarsanam - A paraphernalia of elephant decorative

Ezhunnellippu of elephants in the kavu...
Ezhunnellippu of elephants in the kavu...

This is a short gist abt the festival, the next part will have more details pertaining to how its celebrated in our native....
But, do read about the Thrissur Pooram in the following link. It'll be interesting... Link abt Thrissur Pooram...

Thts it for today... rest in the next part... :)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

lots to write n lots to upload :)

Hey guys.. me back from Kerala y'day.. Had a great time at home, enjoyed the Pooram festival alot..
Lots to write... thought I would write abt what happens in our place during this Pooram festival..
Lots to upload... took a lot of snaps and am in the process of uploading them so that I can share with u all...
Will do it sure n certain within the next few days :)

Okie... its been a month full of wishes.. so, let me add one more wish thro' this post...

Congratulations to the wonderful couple Neeraj & Poonam. They are getting married today. So, lets wish them a lifetime of happiness being together...

As of now, let me jus leave a picture of the pooram festival for you all.... till u wait for the next post... :)

Pooram festival

Thursday, May 11, 2006

nothing else but random ramblings..

was thinking of updating my blog for the past 3 days but somehow got this habit of laziness in me which keeps me postponing everyday. Atlast, today I thought I should do it somehow..
Jus some random ramblings again..
  • First again some sports... Schumi won again in Germany.. and asserted his supremacy in F1 again.. Everyone was saying tht his victory in San Marino was jus a flash in the pan.. but he proved tht its not so...
    Am also glad tht the Ferraris r back at their best with Felippa Massa too joining him in the podium. Lets see if Schumi keeps up his winning habit or if Alonso bounces back or if Raikonnen overcomes McLaren's poor car performance to win a few races.. Its getting exciting.. :)

  • Next is the list of movies I saw offlate.. and a very short review as to how I felt abt those..
    Gangster - wanted to see this movie jus for its songs. Infact, the film too turned out to be a gud one time watch.. Emraan Hashmi is sooo natural in his acting, even though his role is not tht challenging.. I'm starting to admire this guy..
    The songs are simply too gud.. esply "Tu hi mere shab hai".. am completely hooked onto this number..
    Crash - saw this in DVD.. and was very impressive.. all the actors did very well.. but in the first half, felt the racism was depicted a bit too much.. anyway, the way how each story was interlinked and how the director took the story.. all these were too gud.. So, its a must watch..
    Brokeback Mountain - saw this too in DVD and I must say this movie is not atall for the Indian audiences.. but the acting was top class esply Heath Ledger... and the visuals were breath-taking..

  • And last week, I got a chance to meet another blog friend, Anjan. It was a short meeting, but felt nice to know abt him. We r planning to meet again and this time planning to introduce him to my friends here Chandu n Pv too..
    Infact, we had planned to meet today but for some change in plans...
    And am looking forward to meet one more blog friend Manpreet next week. Lets see how it all turns out to be.

  • How can I forget to update this.. I'm now a proud owner of a brand new Motorola Moto Razr V3i mobile :D
    Its actually quite gud and am beginning to like it very much, yet to experiment with its features..

  • Tomorrow night I'll be leaving to my native again.. And this time am going there for a festival.. Its a big festival.. called Pooram festival.. with elephants and lots of fire crackers. Will come back with lots of fotos to update :) It'll be interesting for u all to know abt this..

  • Before I end this post.. jus wanted to tell u what I feel abt this Bhudia controversy. This 4 yr old kid was sold to his coach for a mere 800Rs by his mother.. and the coach takes good care of him till now.. trains him and makes him run a record marathon.. Now, after he gets into the record books n hogs all the limelights, many of the top personalities say its not gud for him to run at this age.. and the coach manipulated and the coach gets termed as "villain". All for the person who till now took care of a boy, abandoned by his mother and who would have been begging for food now, if not for this coach.. I agree tht its not a gud thing to make a kid run this long.... and am sure some measures should be taken to make sure tht this kid doesn't suffer too much, but putting the blame entirely on the coach is what I felt as atrocious... We surely live in a strange world, a world full of hypocrites!!!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Two b'day wishes for two special people..
First, to my dad who celebrates his b'day today. We generally celebrate b'day according to the stars, so its not his actual birth date but according to the stars, he is to celebrate today :)
So, "Wishing my father a Happy B'day.."

The next wish goes to one crazy mysterious gal also known as Nidhi :P
"Nidhi, Many More Happy Returns of the Day.."


Okie... wanted to tell u an interesting/strange incident tht happened to me last week.. I had a strange encounter with the traffic policemen in Bangalore :)
My friend had some purchases to make in Brigade road. So, we parked our vehicle in MG road and went there. While returning back, we had to take a U-turn to join the vehicles moving towards Brigade road. I was driving the vehicle n we took the U-turn in Anil Kumble circle and came back to join the vehicles in the signal.

That was when a couple of traffic inspectors came n stopped us. He took the key and asked for my licence. He took my licence also and said tht I crossed the yellow line, so will have to pay 300Rs fine and go. I thought this was jus a routine check for the papers, but was completely shocked to hear this. I told him I didn't cross the yellow line for taking the U-turn, instead I went all the way to the Anil Kumble circle to take the turn. For sometime he was not believing us, but when he felt tht we were adamant and saying the same thing... he told the other policeman, "leave them, agla gaadi dekhenge" and gave back my licence.

I was thinking as to why they were accusing me of doing something which I didn't do. Were they trying a number on me n see if I give them some money or did they mistake me for someone else who actually crossed the line? I guess its for the former reason... anyway, was atleast happy tht they believed me atlast.