Wednesday, May 17, 2006

lots to write n lots to upload :)

Hey guys.. me back from Kerala y'day.. Had a great time at home, enjoyed the Pooram festival alot..
Lots to write... thought I would write abt what happens in our place during this Pooram festival..
Lots to upload... took a lot of snaps and am in the process of uploading them so that I can share with u all...
Will do it sure n certain within the next few days :)

Okie... its been a month full of wishes.. so, let me add one more wish thro' this post...

Congratulations to the wonderful couple Neeraj & Poonam. They are getting married today. So, lets wish them a lifetime of happiness being together...

As of now, let me jus leave a picture of the pooram festival for you all.... till u wait for the next post... :)

Pooram festival


  1. ohh Yes N&P getting married today :)
    What a lovely pic Prasad...soo colorful...n elephants happen to be amongst moi fav animals..

  2. Waiting for next update :-)
    and congratulations to Neeraj n Poonam!!

  3. Hey congrats to noth Neeraj n poonam.. nd pic of the fest is superb!!

  4. Very nice Pic... festival must be fun :)
    Do post other pics soon....

    Congrats :)

  5. I heard that this year pooram was "minus" the fireworks attractions due to the tragedy.anyways i remmeber naother pic.. along view with all elephants and peopel covered.. hope you were there with dhoti!

  6. Kanjusi kyun...more pics on public demand!!

    And Neeraj and Poonam are happily married :) :)

    Lots of good wishes to them...

    And plz upload the photographs soon... Dont get distracted !! :))

  7. Heloo, My Congrats again to Neeraj and Poonam :)
    do write more abt Pooram festival and ya upload more pics :) I am learning a lot of these festivals thru ur blog :D

  8. Yes, I am waiting for the pictures (although you mailed me some) and the post on the festival in detail. The picture of elephants look exotic and so rich.

    Happy Wedding to Neeraj and Poonam!!

    Enjoy the wedding (of your cousin) and bring more pictures...

  9. hey wow!
    Which festival is this!
    Looks really pretty and colourful!

  10. happy wedding to N & P...congratulations couple !!!

    its nice beautifull picuture ;-)

  11. oh good..

    congratulations to couple :)

    and waiting for more pics

  12. hey all.. thanks for the msgs.. i've started explaining abt this festival.. hope u'll like it..
    and Ekta, this is called Thalappoli or Pooram festival as it is called all over Kerala..
    and welcome to my blog :)