Thursday, May 11, 2006

nothing else but random ramblings..

was thinking of updating my blog for the past 3 days but somehow got this habit of laziness in me which keeps me postponing everyday. Atlast, today I thought I should do it somehow..
Jus some random ramblings again..
  • First again some sports... Schumi won again in Germany.. and asserted his supremacy in F1 again.. Everyone was saying tht his victory in San Marino was jus a flash in the pan.. but he proved tht its not so...
    Am also glad tht the Ferraris r back at their best with Felippa Massa too joining him in the podium. Lets see if Schumi keeps up his winning habit or if Alonso bounces back or if Raikonnen overcomes McLaren's poor car performance to win a few races.. Its getting exciting.. :)

  • Next is the list of movies I saw offlate.. and a very short review as to how I felt abt those..
    Gangster - wanted to see this movie jus for its songs. Infact, the film too turned out to be a gud one time watch.. Emraan Hashmi is sooo natural in his acting, even though his role is not tht challenging.. I'm starting to admire this guy..
    The songs are simply too gud.. esply "Tu hi mere shab hai".. am completely hooked onto this number..
    Crash - saw this in DVD.. and was very impressive.. all the actors did very well.. but in the first half, felt the racism was depicted a bit too much.. anyway, the way how each story was interlinked and how the director took the story.. all these were too gud.. So, its a must watch..
    Brokeback Mountain - saw this too in DVD and I must say this movie is not atall for the Indian audiences.. but the acting was top class esply Heath Ledger... and the visuals were breath-taking..

  • And last week, I got a chance to meet another blog friend, Anjan. It was a short meeting, but felt nice to know abt him. We r planning to meet again and this time planning to introduce him to my friends here Chandu n Pv too..
    Infact, we had planned to meet today but for some change in plans...
    And am looking forward to meet one more blog friend Manpreet next week. Lets see how it all turns out to be.

  • How can I forget to update this.. I'm now a proud owner of a brand new Motorola Moto Razr V3i mobile :D
    Its actually quite gud and am beginning to like it very much, yet to experiment with its features..

  • Tomorrow night I'll be leaving to my native again.. And this time am going there for a festival.. Its a big festival.. called Pooram festival.. with elephants and lots of fire crackers. Will come back with lots of fotos to update :) It'll be interesting for u all to know abt this..

  • Before I end this post.. jus wanted to tell u what I feel abt this Bhudia controversy. This 4 yr old kid was sold to his coach for a mere 800Rs by his mother.. and the coach takes good care of him till now.. trains him and makes him run a record marathon.. Now, after he gets into the record books n hogs all the limelights, many of the top personalities say its not gud for him to run at this age.. and the coach manipulated and the coach gets termed as "villain". All for the person who till now took care of a boy, abandoned by his mother and who would have been begging for food now, if not for this coach.. I agree tht its not a gud thing to make a kid run this long.... and am sure some measures should be taken to make sure tht this kid doesn't suffer too much, but putting the blame entirely on the coach is what I felt as atrocious... We surely live in a strange world, a world full of hypocrites!!!


  1. 1st :) kitne dino baad :)

    abt gangster...Ricky told me that its a good movie..loved tu hi meri shab hai..didnt hear other songs much.

    you met ANjan Good..kitne lambe baal hai uske :P

    dont knw much abt tht controversy :|but thats bad..aaj ke zamane mein to help karna bhi :(

    take care

    God bless u !

  2. Hi,
    --Good to know abt new cellphn :-)
    --looking forward to hear more abt Pooram.
    --I saw Mission impossible 3, do watch it :-)
    -- This Buddhia controversy is again nothing but political drama, instead of providing better facilities, they r hell bent on hampering his progress.

  3. finally updated ur blog.

    ohh u know I am an Alonso fan...lets c who wins in Spain...

    I am dying to watch love all the songs...yes Emraan is a pretty natural actor...

    Yeah moto razr V3i is a good phone..n it has got good market response...

    ohh Pooram pics..yes u got ur digi-cam???

    As per the docs reporst Budhia is not fit enuff to take part in marathons..n run such long distances...this is all what I know about this story..

  4. Hello Lazy Fellow,

    Yea, Scuhmi is on a roll.

    I wanna watch Gangster too. I love the songs. Emraan Hashmi is doing very good professionally. You know even Yash Chopra does not want to release Fanaa when Emraan's movie is releasing because they know that he will eat into their profits. He has hardly given a flop yet.

    Crash is awesome movie and won the Oscras too this year. The film was about rascism, so it had to be depicted. You would be surprised at the rascism that exists in US. It's worse than ever.

    I heard that Brokeback is very graphic movie with lots of explicit scenes between the dudes. I hope you didn't watch it with Chandu...LOL

  5. Oh good on you to meet some bloggers. I haven't met any...**sob sob**

    Congratulations on the new mobile. Now you can impress the girls.

    I haven't heard about Pooram, so it will be interesting to read about it. Enjoy home!!

    I havne't heard about Budia controversy. Nice to know about it through you. I think if the coach saw talent in him then he is justified in making the kid work hard. What is wrong with that? Everyone does it. Sania used to train 8 hours when she was not even 10, so shall we blame her parents too. I don't know why people are afraid of hardwork

  6. hey poooram.. my frnd from Trisshur told me abt it. It's a wonderful festival. I remeber seiengh pics of elephants and procession. I am waiting for more updates and pics.yuppie.. schumi is back and roaring. 3 cheers 4 him..let's check yoru camera this week. wel we 2 r looking fwd 2 meet anjan & if psble manpreet together!

  7. You can meet more Bloggers... if you turn up at NP marriage :)

    Happy Holidays !!!

  8. way to go Schumi!
    I liked gangster for it's songs and the actors Shiney and Kangana...good acting.

  9. alot of catching up done there with Prasad :) Thanks! Wow u own a new mobile...I wanna get one too cos Im bored of my old one :(


  10. Motorola Razor seems to be the HOT item nowadays! One day, I shall own one *sighz* Have you seen the pink one cute!

  11. Motorola Razor seems to be the HOT item nowadays! One day, I shall own one *sighz* Have you seen the pink one cute!

  12. Yet to see Gangster. Cant really stand Emraan Hashmi. Will watch it when it comes on cable. Saw 36 China Town, though (review up)

    Arre yaar Dilli aao, toh kuchh aur bloggers (read: me) se milo!

    Congrats on the new phone :-) Motorola seems to be catching up. My nephew also bought one, and it's good.

  13. Happy Pooram (Hope that's the way its wished) and waiting for the pics :-)

  14. ---Brokeback mountain was a super boring movie.. though they acted really well!!
    ---congrats for ur new cell phone :)
    ---Enjoy ur stay at home n ofcourse ur festival..
    ---n i agree wholeheartedly with u on bhudia controversy..