Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thalappoli - Part I

Hey all.... am sorry to keep u all waiting for the post abt the Pooram festival in our native... work is a bit hectic nowadays... so, not finding suitable time to write a detailed post and upload the pictures.
So, I thought let me upload a few snaps here as of now.... and start explaining the festival in parts rather than keeping u waiting for a detailed post :)

Generally, Pooram festivals are celebrated every year all over Kerala in different dates. "Thrissur pooram" is the King of all poorams which most ppl would have heard about.

Thalappoli is the name of the Pooram festival that is celebrated in my native Thiruvilwamala (present in Thrissur district). This festival is celebrated jus a week(the next Sunday) after the famous Thrissur Pooram.
It is a festival celebrated for the Parakkotu kavu temple housing Goddess Bhagavathi(or Durga mata as known by many)

So, as of now enjoy these snaps... u'll see more snaps of elephants.. :)

Parakkotu Kavu (Durga Temple)
Parakkotu Kavu(Durga Temple in our native)

Elephants which came to our home to take a bath. Yeah.. don't be surprised... since our home is near to one of the temples, some elephants came to our house to take bath before getting ready for the festival.
Elephants taking bath at our house...

This one is the largest temple elephant in Kerala and very famous too.. I forgot its name.. will update it once I clarify with my father :)
The largest temple elephant in Kerala. Isn't it majestic????

Aana Chamaya pradarsanam - A paraphernalia of elephant decorative
Aana Chamaya pradarsanam - A paraphernalia of elephant decorative

Ezhunnellippu of elephants in the kavu...
Ezhunnellippu of elephants in the kavu...

This is a short gist abt the festival, the next part will have more details pertaining to how its celebrated in our native....
But, do read about the Thrissur Pooram in the following link. It'll be interesting... Link abt Thrissur Pooram...

Thts it for today... rest in the next part... :)


  1. Me FIRST!!

    I think after ages on thsi blog...phew!!

  2. Oye hoye, Mazza aa gaya padh ke!!

    I hadn't heard about "Thirssur pooram" before your post. It tells us, how less we know about our culture and country even. Although, I knew about Thrissur district (lol).

    Man, this is so cool. Elephants taking bath in your house vernadaah. Looks surreal to me. The elephant is really huge one (the big one). Imposing!!

    They really make elephants God-like, with so much decorations. Wow!! They look magestic.

    I can't wait to read the next part...

  3. how kewl can it get...
    Elephants taking bath in your house...lovely pics Prasad...
    new digi-cam ka kamaal :)

  4. Ricky, yeahh.. u get the gold :P

    hmm... thts the point I'm telling u all abt our culture time n again.. cos this can be a medium thro' which we can know abt our vast n rich cultures.. isn't it??

    Yeah, it was really cool.. we too felt happy seeing the elephants in our house :D
    Elephants form an important part for all of our festivals in Kerala...

    Mehak, thanks alot..
    btw, these pics were taken using my cousin's camera..
    my mobile camera doesn't have such a high clairty :)

  5. wow.. elephants taking bath. i rem my keral trip when i visited guruvayoor.. this oen seems to be a big tusker also i remember the hoaridg of temple festival higlighting an elephant, so i can imagine. so next month let's hop ewe see one @ ur home

  6. Man! Those are gorgeous pictures. Festivals are so much fun. Ah, I love being Indian :D
    OH and I love elephants. So good to see these pictures. Add more soon!!

  7. I visited the temple just a week before Pooram festival .. I really liked the temple maams ... just loved it ..... Im waiting for trip to ur hme town Next Month ....... Lets plan and make it into a reality

  8. goshhh the elephants! SO MAJESTIC!


  9. ohh I was wondering this to be the outcome of ur digi-cam..u said u'll be getting one soon

  10. Arre wah, enjoyed reading this.

    The elephant pics seem straight out of films - reminded me of Dil Se / Jiya Jale and Sirf Tum.

    I wasnt aware of this festival at all.

    Now lemme read the link.

  11. Ur house looks like in a perfect idyllic place! Must be tough leaving it for the hardcore city life of Bangalore!

  12. Chandu, hmm.. yeah... i know what u r saying :)
    hmm... lets try next month :D

    Moonstruck, thanks :)
    yeah.... festivals r always fun n u should be proud to be Indian.. am glad u r :D
    yeah.. u'll see more of these :P

    PV, yeah.. the thrissur temple is very famous n gud too..
    hmm.. next month we r going.. for sure!!

  13. Keshi, yeah.. they r Majestic :D

    Mehak, yeah.. my sis has got a digicam for me.. will be bringing it when she comes this year.. :)

    Deepak, thanks...
    hmm.. yeah.. i've taken some more pics like these.. very rarely u get chances like this na.. :)

    Yeah... my house is a perfect place for relaxation.. esply for my retired parents.. :)
    true.. leaving my place for this mechanical b'lore life is hard.. but have to live with these changes.. :)

  14. Hi Prasad,
    Lovely work. I am also from Thiruvilwamala now working in Mumbai. Found your pages very interesting. Will be happy to see more such stuffs. Keep going.

  15. Yea, I have heard about the significance of elephants in South India. Infact, it looks very similar to festivals in Sri Lanka. They also have a great significance of them in their culture.

    This actually reminds me of a tele-film/serial I saw when I was young on DD. It was based in South India and was about the life of this elephant. It was sad though coz in the end elephant becomes old but it showed how much the people in South love them and the wonderful relationship they share with them...

  16. Kerla is on my list to travel, I don't know when will I get chance to write 'Done' next to this task ;)

  17. that was cool.. and elephant in ur house.. thats amazing :)

  18. cool pitures ...

    is elephants go 2 every houses in kerala or some randomly selected ;-)

    well elephants were really gud looking with so much decoration ..would liked it v don hve such bad...uffff !!!!

    well waitin for next part....huh!!! make it soon ;-)

  19. These pictures make me want to get on the next plane to India :]
    Lovely elephants. (side note: I've always thought elephant legs are overrated, they're not as massive as people claim them to be. hehe.)

  20. Those pics are awesome, u brought a touch of kerala in this post, thru the pics i meant. And ya nice reading abt the festival :) and enlightening us all, me inculded, didn't know abt it :|
    More pics coming ?? ok waiitng...

  21. wow !you have come back with elan.
    such magnificient pictures.You must have definitely had the most awesome time :)

  22. Hi NK, nice to see a fellow native of T'mala..
    Will come up with more stuffs abt t'mala.. hope u'll enjoy those too..
    keep visiting :)

    Ricky, oh.. i don't remember tht serial.. may be i didn't watch it or may be i forgot tht :P
    and yes, elephants r very much significant in South India.. :)

    Tarun, hmm.. u sure plan for a trip to Kerala soon buddy.. u'll surely won't regret it.. :)

  23. Kishley, yeah.. elephant in my house :D it was really cool..

    Sweety, thanks :)
    it doesn't go to each n every houses as such.. it jus came to our house to take bath.. as our house is near the temple..
    next part will be up soon. sorry have been a bit busy :)

  24. Dilakshana, hmm.. I know.. so, when r u planning for the trip? ;)
    ohh.. is it?? may be u'll also feel tht when u stand near one.. :P
    they r infact massive.. and the strength they've got is incomparable..

    Jaya, yeah... thanks :)
    hmm.. i knew tht u wouldn't have known abt these festivals :P
    yes, there r more pics.. but u'll have to wait for some more time.. sorrie :)

  25. @nkur, thanks... more coming :)

    Maya, hey.. thanks :)
    yeah... I did have a great time.. we have it every year during this festival :D

  26. The elephant's name is : THECHIKKOT RAMACHANDRAN.Tallest temple elephant in Kerala.