Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Two b'day wishes for two special people..
First, to my dad who celebrates his b'day today. We generally celebrate b'day according to the stars, so its not his actual birth date but according to the stars, he is to celebrate today :)
So, "Wishing my father a Happy B'day.."

The next wish goes to one crazy mysterious gal also known as Nidhi :P
"Nidhi, Many More Happy Returns of the Day.."


Okie... wanted to tell u an interesting/strange incident tht happened to me last week.. I had a strange encounter with the traffic policemen in Bangalore :)
My friend had some purchases to make in Brigade road. So, we parked our vehicle in MG road and went there. While returning back, we had to take a U-turn to join the vehicles moving towards Brigade road. I was driving the vehicle n we took the U-turn in Anil Kumble circle and came back to join the vehicles in the signal.

That was when a couple of traffic inspectors came n stopped us. He took the key and asked for my licence. He took my licence also and said tht I crossed the yellow line, so will have to pay 300Rs fine and go. I thought this was jus a routine check for the papers, but was completely shocked to hear this. I told him I didn't cross the yellow line for taking the U-turn, instead I went all the way to the Anil Kumble circle to take the turn. For sometime he was not believing us, but when he felt tht we were adamant and saying the same thing... he told the other policeman, "leave them, agla gaadi dekhenge" and gave back my licence.

I was thinking as to why they were accusing me of doing something which I didn't do. Were they trying a number on me n see if I give them some money or did they mistake me for someone else who actually crossed the line? I guess its for the former reason... anyway, was atleast happy tht they believed me atlast.


  1. Birthday Wishes to your Dad n Nidhi.

    Well well these traffic cops...dont even want to comment on them...
    Par uss din bakra (Read Prasad) fasa nahin...

  2. bday wishes 2 yer dad & nidhi.**who is this??**

    Were they trying a number on me
    wut else? these guyz try all possible trick 2 earn more. i loath them the most.

  3. birthday wishes 2 ur dad n nidhi !!!

  4. You were happy that they believed you atlast !! I would have been happy about they having not been able to get their way with me...:P

    I know you meant the same...:P Sowrrie..Just joking !!

    And here try and decipher this .................................................................................. {silly its to say that i am speechless at all these sweet gestures !!}

    Thanks a ton !! Its been a very memorable birthday for me...and its mostly because of my 'virtual' friends who took so much time and were so nice to me !!



  5. Many Many Happy returns of the day to ur Dad and to Nidhi :)

    Yea, these stange things happen to us sometimes..and good they took your word finally. I get so angry seeing ppl make money thru unfair means, and robbing one's own dignity.

  6. Wishing ur Dad n Nidhi.. a wonderful day !

    Traffic Police... my worst enemy... I think I should also post on them... :)

  7. bday wishes frm here too!!!
    n arre sameera reddey looked like the pakka *take her to my mom* kind of gal for boys.wht say???:P and reema sen in the 2nd one...was gr8..the male model was gud too!!!hehehe
    -sonali titzbitz.rediffblogs

  8. Happy Birthday to both!!!
    That's such a bummer being stopped by the police for no reason. It's gotta reach a saturation point at some time. Anyway, so B'lore has an Anil Kumble circle? Interesting. I think all major cities have MG road, eh? I've heard it too often

  9. Happy Bday Prasad's dad n Nidhi! :)

    ** I told him I didn't cross the yellow line for taking the U-turn, instead I went all the way to the Anil Kumble circle to take the turn.

    well atleast they took ur word...some plice guys fun believe all's well that ends well :)


  10. bday wishes to your dad and nidhi!

    he was just trying to pocket some cash ... sodding idiots they are!

    the meetup was great.... we shall do it again :)

  11. belated birthday wishes to ur dad and nidhi.

  12. wishes for ur mates!

    And corruption - its at every level and thats what makes me cringe inside when i ever think about returning back.... one day....

  13. Oops - wishes for Uncle on his astro budday!

  14. Thankyou all !! It was soo great to have been wished for my birthday !! Next year sure started at a great note :)

    Thankyou one and all !!

    Thanks Prasad :) :)

  15. hi maams.. am last to wish here.. happy birthday to uncle & ofcourse to nidhi too . bangalore police.. heck.. #1 in corruption. I hope you heard the story of Koramnagala SI who piled lakhs of rupees!

  16. hmm....normally traffic cops become over-active in the last days of month just to meet their 'target'.

  17. Happy Birthday to Uncle jee!!

    Happy Birthday to that crazy girl called, Nidhi. I have written my fair share about her, so won't write anymore.

    Maybe they thought you were the innocent kid but they didn't knew that you have been talking to me lately and now you are a smartass kid in the block.