Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hi guys.. Thanks for the comments for my previous post. Sorry that I couldn't reply to those and also for not updating for soo long.. Haven't been reading any blogs too..

Its like a break for me away from all these...
Lots have happened in the past 2-3 weeks for me, that am still trying to cope up with all those.. it seems like my life has taken a complete "U" turn... :)
Some decisions play a vital role in our life and may be I took one which will shape my life into a better one.. lets see... time will answer all these...
Will take some more time for me to be regular with the blogs.... but I promise u i'll finish off the previous post, with a Part II coming soon :) atleast by next week..
Thanks for all of those who have been visiting my blog and waiting for the updates :) won't disappoint u all.. Will try to catch up on ur blogs too...

And before I end, hope u guys are catching up with World cup... Three cheers for the Italian team... have always supported them.. lets see how far they go...

Want to add one more... Did u guys get to watch the trailers of "Ahista Ahista". It looks sooo cool.. the lead pair, Abhay Deol n Soha Ali Khan, look very gud.. and I jus love the title track.... Did search in the web, but seems the music hasn't released.. Any idea guys?


  1. You have been break for so long that you should now be an expert break-dancer (PJJJJJ!!)

    I am sure you took the right decision. Best of luck for your future.

    Yea, waiting for the Part II.

    Go Brazillllllllllllllllllll Go!!

    I have heard a lot about this song already and so will catch up with it soon. Soha Ali Khan... **ahem ahem**

  2. hmm.....i did not leave a comment on your previous post so I know you are not thanking me .... :(( welcome then :P he he hee

    And yes...I am catching up on late night soccer matches too..and its fun :)

    Not 'one' favourite...I love the high energy on the fields.

    And yess....Aahista aahista sure looks like a nice movie especially the title song...I like it too :D

    Me too faltering so far as posting on blog is concerned :P

    But I am Back !!!!

  3. Alright. Take a break. And why Italy??????? Actualy it doesn't matter to me who wins. I just sit back and enjoy the hot men. ;)

  4. It always nice to take break from this hectic life, including blogs. Its like taking a nice vacation
    Lol @ ricky PJ hehe
    yeah, I m watching the World Cup

  5. hey break , on one too but blog is too enticing to resist ....


  6. Hi, Good to see you back!!
    Now i'm more curious to know abt decision u took. :-)

  7. Ya... what this U Turn is all about... is this related to job... ???

    FIFA is going great :)

  8. will wait for part 2.
    and yeah i love the music of ahista ahista too...and i like soha
    waiting for her to take over bollywood

  9. Well i never viewed soccer b4 but recently my father has started watching it intently and so me too have got to know football better :) though no team is a favourite one yet :) brazil was wonderful yday nite :)

  10. ALl the best with the crital decissions that you have to make dude!! .... i know how important they are :)

    And I guess it will be england or argentina ... lets see ..... its dicey :)
    Here the fever is madly on ... moer tha you can even imagine !!!

  11. aah .. didn't tel the people what was that "U" turn!.. hey ppl ou tther e.. any guesses?pick one here
    1- Prasad getting enegaedP
    2- Prasad getting married
    3- Prasad going tobe farher of 3 :P
    4- Al the above

    Ricky.. wanan give it a try.. only me & Pv and can answer this correctly :P BTW congrats maams for the CHANGES in your life.

    aahista.. aawwww. man.. Soha ali khan is just stunning.. maams rem you promised me the poster

  12. chandu n pv ... u guys didnt tell me about this .... grrrrrr!!!!

    anyway ... my guess no: 4 !!

  13. Moi Guess, Number 3 !!

    And just number three....Prasad is an emancipated man !! He does not have to get engaged or married just to have another babie...

    He waise bhi has two...and is not yet married :P

    he he heee.....croak croak !!

  14. I go with 3 too because we all know he is not about to get married or engaged because he is already a Father of two and Husband of two (Remember the controversy).

    So, as he mentioned in my scrapbook that he is having another tunnu, after chunnu and munnu (or so his wifey says).

    What will we get for getting this question right? Because I know that one that will get it wrong will get to change diaper of the new one for the first time.

    P.S: My verification word is ginlgrqq and I presume his newest baby has something to do with 'gin'.

  15. I pick #4 :D
    as I don't think prasad will jus go for #3

  16. Ricky, wah wah.. PJ King.. :D
    Thanks, yeah hopefully my decision is right :)

    No, brasil doesn't have the fire power tht they used to have.. lets see.. :)

    Yeah, this song in ahista ahista is really gud even if its sung by Himesh Reshammiya..

    Nidhi, yeah.. am not thanking u then :P

    hmm.. yeah. late night soccer is fun but when we have to do work the next day after staying awake for soo long, thts not fun :(

    Yeah.. ahista ahista looks like a gud movie esply with Soha Ali Khan in tht :P

  17. Moonstruck, yeah... am kind of taking a break from all these online things..
    Am supporting Italy cos i like their team and the country too :D
    and yeah.. don't worry men r hot there too :P

    Jaya, yeah true... but here am taking a break cos of the hectic work.. so, its not atall like what i want :(

    hmm.. gud carry on watching WC.. and cheer for the Italian team ;)

    Ash, hmm.. yeah i know.. am trying to catch up with all the blogs.. but not able to.. let me see.. u too take care.. :)

  18. Stone, thanks yaar..
    hmm.. abt the decision? yeah.. its regarding my job as Ankur said..
    change of projects n roles.. lets see..

    @nkur, hmm.. u r right.. its related to my job.. jus trying some new things.. change of projects and also trying a new technology :)

  19. Maya, hmm. thanks :)
    me too love the songs... yeah.. Soha does look stunning in tht :D

    Kishley, hmm.. u too should catch up with some soccer.. gud tht u r trying tht now.. yeah, brasil was gud but they r far better than how they r playing now..

    Anjan, thanks yaar.. :)

    Yeah.. i know Italy's chances r slim but still I'll support for them.. Hmm, argentina look strong as also germany.. lets see..

  20. Chandu, ohoo.. u r suggesting all these options?? huh.. smart chandu.. smart :))

    waise, given a choice, even i'll go for the 4th one :P

    reg Soha's poster, even i didn't get one chandu :(
    i'll not leave tht shopwala.. he has to give one to me.. :P

    Anjan, hmm.. correct guess Anjan :P u r intelligent :))
    its jus a change in my project, roles n also technology.. quite a few changes :)

  21. Nidhi, hmm... ur guess is wrong.. :P
    I would rather go for all of them.. hehee...

    oh.. u've to improve ur knowledge abt me.. learn from Ricky.. he'll say what all I'm.. see his comments.. :P
    and its me who has to croak not u :P

  22. Ricky, hmm.. u too make a wrong choice buddy.. ;)
    am thinking abt upgrading myself :P

    so, now be ready.. u r gonna change the diaper for my kids :P
    and whats with tht gin thing???

    Jaya, correct jaya.. u got it right.. why should i go with jus 3 when I've the choice for all :D

    hmm.. seems all u guys r having fun at my cost... hmm.. will take care of u all later :P

  23. It's not my fault. Kisse ne muhje especially bula ke bola ke go and comment on Prasad's blog nahin toh bahut bura hoga. Aur main darr gaya **scared look**

  24. oye ricku munna.. whoz that gal who scared the hell outta you to go and comment on prasad's blog? *curious look*

  25. @ Ricky and Chandu

    ** Innocent looks **

    @ I have to learn more about you ...dekhte hai..who knows you the best !!

    lolz !!

    @ Chandu : Ricky never mentioned it was a 'gurl' could you even think a gurl can scare ricky !! :O :O

  26. @nidhi- oh no.. ricky's "all-women-blogs-link"s directory.. (aka his blog) has a big list of women.. how can possibly a guy scare him :D

    @prasad- myou haven't choosen an u option.. remember no lifelines for ya?

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  28. Abhay n Soha look cute together...but the songs..ekss...Himesh bhai again :(

  29. how are you doing prasad?? hope all is well. i wanted to thank you for the good wishes and for thinking of us on our special day!

    i hope that everything is well with you and you get back into the blogging world very soon!! :)

  30. Arre u gone into hibernation again??

  31. U Turn ?? Come on before I guess something weird better let me know whats that .. :)

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