Friday, July 21, 2006

trip to native with my friends..

Seems the blogworld, atleast in India, is hit due to the ISPs blocking domain... I hope in another couple of days it'll be fine...

Ok guys n gals.. how have u been doing all these days. I have been absconding from the blogs arena time n again... The work am doing presently requires more attention... thts why am not able to devote enough time for my blogs.. hope I'll be back on track once I get my broadband connection at home....

Am all geared up for todays trip back to my native.. Even though its jus a weekend visit to my native, this time am taking some of my friends with me too... Thts the reason I said its gonna be a nice "trip" to my native.. :)
Chandu n pv are already having lots of plans.. they hv even got their dhoti's packed :)) Oh.. Gods own country is going to have a tough two days ahead.. :P

So, expect some kind of update after I return back.. :D
and yeah.. I still have one post pending abt the second part of our festival.. hope i get sometime to update regarding that one too.. Sorry for keeping you all waiting. Hope to catch u all at ur blogs soon.. byeeee n have a great weekend..

Monday, July 10, 2006

All Hail ITALY - The World Champions!!!

ITALY - World Champs
ITALY - World Champions 2006
There it is... atlast the Azzuris have proven to the world that they can be the best in the world :)

Yesterday's WC finals was a well-played game with some incidents too.
But, ultimately the Italians have come out on the top again... even if it was thro' penalties. I've never seen Italians converting all the 5 penalties for a longgg time.. I've been supporting them since the 1990 world cup when Schillachi(one of the best strikers in those days) and Walter Zenga(the then keeper, who was simply amazing) together put up a great performance but only got the third position for them.

But, you can't take away from the fact that they r the World Champions now and am soo proud of that. I was jumping out of joy y'day after the match was over...
But, one sad fact.... didn't expect Zidane to end his career in this manner. He is a great player and deserves all the accolades for his magical play... But, he too was honored with the Golden Ball award.. So, kind of a consolation for him too..
Some of the moments from the match.. Wanted to record it permanently.. so, here they are...
Zidane red carded - The turning point

Grosso converting the final penalty, Barthez seeing his world cup dream go past him...

Italian team celebrating after the shootout...

Italian fans celebrating in Rome..

Italian World Cup.... :D
So, here it is... Hope you all enjoyed the match.. but am sure many of them were rooting for France to win it :P.... but its ITALY :D

Thursday, July 06, 2006

hehee.. surprise surprise.. update :D

Ciao guys n gals.. how have u been doing??
Its been a long time... I know I owe some expanation for my sudden absence... but as I had mentioned in my previous post, I moved to a new project in my company which is keeping me fully occupied. But, am learning quite a lot of new stuffs... so, am very much happy and satisfied... only thing is that I don't get enough time nowadays to reply for mails or blog hopping, since its early stages of the project. As things settle down, I'll be more regular.

Ok... So, guess u all have been watching World Cup 2006....
And am sooo glad tht the team I support for - ITALY has reached the finals.

Here is the list of Blog friends n the teams they supported for.. We had some kind of fight going on in orkut, supporting n fighting for each others teams :) It was fun...

Myself - Italy and always Italy :)
Chandu - England
PV - Brazil
Ricky - Brazil
Anjan - Germany
Manpreet - Argentina
Shama n Nidhi - changing support based on which team has cool dudes in it :P heheee..

So, now among these.. Italy is the only team remaining, but I know they r the underdogs and all the others want France to win.. But, lets see... am not going to say out and right tht Italy will surely win. Their game is completely different... a strong defensive team which attacks all of a sudden.. gets a goal and settles to defend it for the rest of the game.

So, the big game ITALY Vs FRANCE on Sunday... Don't miss it guys....