Monday, July 10, 2006

All Hail ITALY - The World Champions!!!

ITALY - World Champs
ITALY - World Champions 2006
There it is... atlast the Azzuris have proven to the world that they can be the best in the world :)

Yesterday's WC finals was a well-played game with some incidents too.
But, ultimately the Italians have come out on the top again... even if it was thro' penalties. I've never seen Italians converting all the 5 penalties for a longgg time.. I've been supporting them since the 1990 world cup when Schillachi(one of the best strikers in those days) and Walter Zenga(the then keeper, who was simply amazing) together put up a great performance but only got the third position for them.

But, you can't take away from the fact that they r the World Champions now and am soo proud of that. I was jumping out of joy y'day after the match was over...
But, one sad fact.... didn't expect Zidane to end his career in this manner. He is a great player and deserves all the accolades for his magical play... But, he too was honored with the Golden Ball award.. So, kind of a consolation for him too..
Some of the moments from the match.. Wanted to record it permanently.. so, here they are...
Zidane red carded - The turning point

Grosso converting the final penalty, Barthez seeing his world cup dream go past him...

Italian team celebrating after the shootout...

Italian fans celebrating in Rome..

Italian World Cup.... :D
So, here it is... Hope you all enjoyed the match.. but am sure many of them were rooting for France to win it :P.... but its ITALY :D


  1. Me first !!! ;)

    Cool !!! you were the only one supporting Italy since the very beginning.....and now i get the exact year and the reasons too...

    as for me I was supporting Argentina !!! but yeah ....your analysis of shama and me supporting the hot guys on the field was not far from the mark :P :D

    I had a wonderful time following it...almost a mania for me too....and now I am glad that your team has won !!

    FIFA = Fir Italy First Aaya !!

    courtsey: Bachi Karkaria (TOI)

  2. Good to see ITALY winning it, their first-ever penalty shoot out win in WCs.

  3. Italy Deserved it !!!
    And ofcourse all the credit for support goes to you... ;)

  4. yup they played really well esp coming back from one goal down in the early minutes of the play and winning the cup is not so easy.. you need to be mntally strong to do so! all crdit goes to their defencders and goal keeper.. ofocurse as a team too they played fantastic game! Australian now can be lil prouder .. coz they almost beat the world champs!:D

  5. BTW my comment didn't come for free.. it's jsut to remind you abt the treat you promised on the eve of Italy's win. hmm Zidane.. I believe the comment would have been very sarcastic!otherwise zidane would not have done such a thing!anyways a nice consolation to a great career

  6. the best team Italy is the champ this time...

    i know u were rooting for Italy right from the starting..

    yeah Zizou shud have controlled his anger...

    I remember one moment of the FIFA WC 2006...when becky cried when they lost against Portugal

  7. Congratulations to Italy but I found the match boring. Two of the most defensive team played a very boring match and that's why it took penalties to decide the winner. There was no concept of attack, considering Italy just had three shots at goal and France 9.

    Other than that, I was supporting Brazil/Argentina but Brazil played badly and Argentina was unlucky.

    Zidane, well it was a racial abuse but he shouldn't have reacted that way. Anyways, I still think he is one of the greatest player ever to play this game.

  8. good to see you back man!! italy has won..i know i knw. :-)

    well played match! i didn't see the whole match but only parts...but did see most of the replay the other night.

    good to see you back -- but also good to hear abt. your new project. keep it up and stay in the blog world this time. :-)

  9. I came here expecting such a post! :D
    Well I kinda agree with Ricky, it was a slightly boring match...I mean the standards and enthusiasm expected was kinda lacking!!
    But I was routing for France...solely because of Zidane...watched the 98 world cup n he was the true hero then...sigh he's career had to end this way!!

    SO how r u?! other then sports,hows life?!

  10. I was rooting for italy cuz i wanted to pull off a free prizza in one of the many italina joints here :D !!.. and i got it :D

  11. Congratulations buddy! My nephew was also hoarsely rooting for Italy :D

    But did u hear the most psycophant-ic thing ever? Congress workers performed a yagna for Italy's win a day before the finals :P (no brownie points for guessing why)

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  13. Italy WERE champions.. it's become HISTORY now.. everybody has forgot it..:p so you better update unlike me