Thursday, July 06, 2006

hehee.. surprise surprise.. update :D

Ciao guys n gals.. how have u been doing??
Its been a long time... I know I owe some expanation for my sudden absence... but as I had mentioned in my previous post, I moved to a new project in my company which is keeping me fully occupied. But, am learning quite a lot of new stuffs... so, am very much happy and satisfied... only thing is that I don't get enough time nowadays to reply for mails or blog hopping, since its early stages of the project. As things settle down, I'll be more regular.

Ok... So, guess u all have been watching World Cup 2006....
And am sooo glad tht the team I support for - ITALY has reached the finals.

Here is the list of Blog friends n the teams they supported for.. We had some kind of fight going on in orkut, supporting n fighting for each others teams :) It was fun...

Myself - Italy and always Italy :)
Chandu - England
PV - Brazil
Ricky - Brazil
Anjan - Germany
Manpreet - Argentina
Shama n Nidhi - changing support based on which team has cool dudes in it :P heheee..

So, now among these.. Italy is the only team remaining, but I know they r the underdogs and all the others want France to win.. But, lets see... am not going to say out and right tht Italy will surely win. Their game is completely different... a strong defensive team which attacks all of a sudden.. gets a goal and settles to defend it for the rest of the game.

So, the big game ITALY Vs FRANCE on Sunday... Don't miss it guys....


  1. So, the final is just around the corner... won't forecast this time.. coz whichever team i have backed... it has lost..

    first it was argentina.. it lost to germany

    then it was brazil... lost to france

    and then i favoured germany... it lost to italy...

    and finally portugal... and eveybody knows what happened to them

    so.. this time i am not going to forecast :P

  2. hmm let's c.. France.. Zidane.. is gonna rule!Italy's dream run is about to end!

  3. I support ITALY :-)

    and also don't miss Federer versus Nadal this sunday!

  4. Ya Brazil lost , so sad .... after the heroes are out I dont even feel like watching the game. For me it doesnt matter whether Italy wins or France except that if Italy wins we can take a treat from you ..... :)

  5. so ur team won the Finals...
    I hate the italian team....i wanted france to win...but Zidane's behaviour was uncalled for....

    n hey good to hear about the project thingie..n good to c u back

  6. ha ha.. so mine wasn't in there or neeraj's. :-)

    neeraj was going for brazil and i was for france. i made it to the world cup finals but unfortunately lost to your italy. well played game!!