Friday, July 21, 2006

trip to native with my friends..

Seems the blogworld, atleast in India, is hit due to the ISPs blocking domain... I hope in another couple of days it'll be fine...

Ok guys n gals.. how have u been doing all these days. I have been absconding from the blogs arena time n again... The work am doing presently requires more attention... thts why am not able to devote enough time for my blogs.. hope I'll be back on track once I get my broadband connection at home....

Am all geared up for todays trip back to my native.. Even though its jus a weekend visit to my native, this time am taking some of my friends with me too... Thts the reason I said its gonna be a nice "trip" to my native.. :)
Chandu n pv are already having lots of plans.. they hv even got their dhoti's packed :)) Oh.. Gods own country is going to have a tough two days ahead.. :P

So, expect some kind of update after I return back.. :D
and yeah.. I still have one post pending abt the second part of our festival.. hope i get sometime to update regarding that one too.. Sorry for keeping you all waiting. Hope to catch u all at ur blogs soon.. byeeee n have a great weekend..


  1. Looking forward to see some cool snaps :-)

  2. Enjoy boyz. Will wait for the update!!

    We are having a 6-a-side tournament of cricket on Saturday, so am excited about that... :D

  3. enjoy the time back home. :-) hope that the india blog thing gets fixed asap.

  4. that sounds so nice! I hope you guys have lots of fun.

  5. poda po...
    unna appuram paathukirane.

  6. i want one more trip! 2 days too less to enjoi maams. will go again very soon!

  7. waitng for the update now!!
    roll it on with pics :D

  8. I m here after a looong time
    Waiting for the details..
    U must be so happy that Italy won ;)

  9. waiting for updates!!!! be quick!!

  10. njy d trip with naughty guyz......

    its time for an udate..many ppl were waiting ,.....n upload gud pic too...hehehe !!!!!