Monday, September 04, 2006

UPDATED: Legends do live forever - A tribute to Andre Agassi...

A tribute to Andre Agassi - The legend....
From an ardent fan....

Am writing this post jus minutes after Agassi's career ended with a third round loss in the US Open 2006 against Benjamin Becker.

Watching the match live, I could gather that this could be his last match, as he was struggling alot to even get to the ball. But still his love for the game egged him on n on... Atlast, he had to give it up once for all...

With tears in his eyes, he bid farewell to all the ppl there in the stadium...

"You have given me your shoulders to stand on to reach for my dreams, dreams I could never have reached without you.
Over the last 21 years, I have found you, and I will take you and the memory of you with me for the rest of my life."

The final few moments brought tears in my eyes as he blew kisses one final time to all the ppl there who have come to witness one of the greatest Tennis legends of all times...

Agassi bidding farewell...

Agassi's Achievements:
Andre Kirk Agassi
(born April 29, 1970, in Las Vegas, Nevada - US)
  • One of the five male players to win all four grandslams in tennis.
  • The first male player to win all four grandslams in different surfaces (Australian Open on Rebound Ace, the French Open on clay, Wimbledon on grass, and the US Open on hardcourts)
  • He is also the only player in the open era to have won every Grand Slam singles title (8 Grandslams in all), the Masters (which is considered to be the fifth grandslam) , the Davis Cup (twice led the US team to Davis cup victory), and an Olympic gold medal(1996 Atlanta Olympics).
Agassi's professional tennis life is so different from any other player you would find.
He was a hippi-kind, a rebel when he came to the professional tennis in the late 80s. He made strong fashion statements, had a longgg hair and had a personality which many of the teenagers would love to have.
I saw his first grandslam Wimbledon 1992 victory live... It was a great match against Ivanisevic...

Andre Agassi in his early 20s as a long-haired rebel

After winning a couple of grandslams, his form went down and ppl said that he would no longer be the same great player.
But, in came the reformed Agassi.. with clean shaven head.. and more appropriately a calm n cool head... :)
He proved all the critics wrong by winning more and more grandslams.. even in his early thirties... From a ranking of 141 , he came back to No.1 position again in the late 90s. Such was his determination... and he was always the crowds favourite....

As for his playing style, there is no player in this open era who can return a service as strong n accurate as Agassi.. His return of serves are considered to be the best.
Agassi always believed in playing from the baseline. He is never comfortable with the serve n volley kind of play. But still with his strong baseline play and heavy powerful hitting, he used to weary his opponents and win the matches in styles.

I must say there is one player currently who looks great to beat lots of records and who has a great allround play with a lethal backhand which will make you wonder if he were playing table tennis instead of tennis. He is none other than Roger Federer and I bet you all would have guessed it by now.

I would not do justice if I don't bring this point abt Agassi. His rivalry on court with Sampras (another legend) is considered to be one of the best..
Those matches are always special. I've seen most of their matches live and every match would be sooo special... Both players will give their heart out in those matches.

Agassi n Sampras - The rivals on court

His personal life is another talking point among the fans. He was married to Brooke Shields (a famous Hollywood actress) for a couple of years before they got divorced.
Then, he dated and married Steffi Graf (a legend in women's tennis). They now have a son (Jaden Gil) and a daughter (Jaz Elle)

Agassi with his wife Graf and son Jaden Gil

Agassi has come a long way to achieve all these. His love for tennis and his love for the people who support him is always evident...
Its true.... LEGENDS LIVE FOREVER... And Andre Agassi is one legend who'll always be there in ppl's heart.

Andre Agassi - The Legend...

Hail the legend... Long live Andre Agassi....


  1. Thats a nice post Pras....and Agassi has been one amazing person...his entire life has been full of ups and downs...and its always soo difficult to bid farewell to the love of one's life......

  2. One great player....
    & a real nice sweet post Prasad...

  3. It gets very touchy when they quit and leave all their fans, but sooner or later we have too.Agassi was great, he was a part of my teen memories.I felt really sad when Pete Sampras did his farewell too.

  4. I luv aggassi! he is sucha fighter that he never givesup so easily. i am wishing he wud finish it on winning note! bad of me that i didn't follow the match!

  5. Mind blowing...

    I always like to watch Sampras Vs Agassi...

    It is really amazing to see him play for such a long period...that shows his passion for the game...


  6. This is a nice post about Agaasi. I liked him more when he returned rather than before. But when it came to his rivalry with Pete, I was always rooting for Pete, who was the better player between the two. Unfortunately, I could not watch his last match as I was at work but he seems to be struggling even in first set when I left. Also, Steffi was my all-time favourite too so its always good to see her in all his matches. Overall, he was a legend if not the best player.

  7. I didnt get to watch it :( but yeah, it's so weird when sportsman we've watched for such a long time retire. sooo emotional. I dont even want to start on what if some cricket players retire...or I'll just cry right now.

  8. Nidhi, thanks :)
    i agree with u.. very difficult to bid farewell to one thing which he wanted to do all thro' his life..

    Mehak, yeah.. a great player..
    thanks mehak :)

    Jaya, hmm.. true.. thts life.. everything has an end..
    Yes, those great matches between Agassi n Sampras r unforgettable.. :)

  9. Chandu, hmm.. true he was a true fighter.. but, unfortunately tht day he was completely down n out.. not able to move atall..
    nonetheless, he is a winner chandu.. winner for all of us, his fans.. isn't it?? he has won soo many hearts all over the world..

    Vasanth,yeah he was such a great person.. its not soo easy to win tournaments even after being in 30s.. and he did it in style..

  10. Ricky, yeah.. Sampras vs Agassi matches r always special.. but somehow i always wanted Agassi to win.. even if I accept tht Sampras was an equally great player.. :)
    Yeah, he is a legend and also a great player Ricky.. atleast for me ;) Its not so easy to comeback after such a long gap and still able to win grandslams..

    Moonstruck, true its an emotional moment.. i too felt tears in my eyes when he delivered his farewell speech..
    Oh, u r already thinking of cricketes retiring? hahaa.. don't think of Balaji retiring then.. u'll cry unconsolably then.. isn't it?? :P

  11. Balajee doesn't need to retire, he is already involuntarily retired by the Indian Team...LOL

  12. Prasad.. you missed this--> I feel the post is not complete without this.. so plz add this :). I feel they are a very good couple & agassi has matured alot since his come back, even on court & off court. Without doubt one of the few men who looks great wtih a clean shaved head!

  13. Agassi was a nice player... he along with sampras got me hooked to tennis.. !!

    Tennis won't be the same again! Adieu!!

  14. great post prasad. Andre Agassi is a legend. Sorry i haven't been around for a while...after shifting to a new place, we didn't have internet at home until just recent. my blog is now back up.. it took a long time, but we are there. :-)

  15. First about Italy, and now about Agassi, we share same sentiments, I saw his match againt Baghdatis, and he showed his tremendous fighting skills and taught a lesson or two to Baghdatis!!

    I've been following his career since 1987 when he came to B'lore to play in some tournament!!

    After Edberg retired, he became my favorite!!

    And I couldn't see his last match but his pic in the newspaper next day was enough to moist my eyes!!

  16. yes he was a legend but bad luck for him his back didn't support him in his last tournament. But he was a true fighter....

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