Wednesday, September 20, 2006

a random update....

Hey guys.. Its been quite sometime since I updated... quite alot of things going on in my life... Anyway, taking things one at a time...

jus a random update....
  • I had been to Bangalore Marathon 2006 with my friends last Sunday. We ran the Celebration run for 7kms.. It was great fun... We did it without having much trouble.. Next year probably we r planning for half marathon for 20kms.. lets plan n practice chandu n pv.. :)Sometime back I also did a crazy thing - cycling for 30kms.. :D jus for fun...

  • At the Bangalore Marathon - The Contenders :D
    At the Bangalore Marathon - The Contenders :D

  • My sis, bro-in-law and my cute li'l nephew have come from US. They are here for the past 3 weeks and will be leaving this weekend.. My nephew is very fond of Superman, Spiderman and
    Batman... For him, he is Superman and I'm the Spiderman.. when we play :D
    Spiderman is missin' Mary Jane :P
  • Spent my Onam at home with them and also had been at home for 8 days in the past 2 weeks.. It was nice to spend Onam with the whole family together after quite some years..

  • Pookalam done at our house for Onam
    Pookalam done at my house for Onam...

  • As for cricket, Tendulkar has come back very well... Was fabulous to see his innings against the West Indies.. but now they've got their back against the walls.. would have to win both the games.. lets see...
  • And Hockey World Cup was too gud. I would have been happy if India had lost against South Africa too... we would have been first from the last then :)) Its going to be too hard for us to shine in this sport again..
  • Formula 1 is gonna be thrilling.... The last 3 races are gonna be really decisive as Schumi n Alonso are jus 2 points away from each other.. Am looking forward for the last 3 races... Lets hope Schumi retires with a Championship....
  • And i've not seen Lage raho munnabhai yet :( All my friends have seen it without me :(( since I had gone home for most of the last week... I also want to see Ahista ahista and Pyar ke side effects... this one seems to be a fun flick.
  • And the songs of Bas Ek Pal r toooo gud.. Have been listening to only these songs for the past 2 weeks.... Tere Bin is tooo gud and Atif delivers another Woh Lamhe type hit.. KK has also sung beautifully in other songs... All in all a very gud album
  • Am looking forward to lots of things in the coming month... will update this space then..

Ending this post with a picture of a beautiful rainbow which we saw during the Bangalore marathon...

A Beautiful Rainbow...
Isn't it Beautiful??


  1. maams I am ready to run .. let's practise.. day one you will run to my place.. day 2- you wil run back to your place.. :P.. yup .. it's loads of fun!

    - am also looking fwd for F-1. i wish schumi leaves happily!
    -am ready for ahista ahista before you disappear for some time

    - spider man .. u! wish you could fly clinging to the flight for free rather inside the flight ;)

  2. hey nice to see an update here.

    Just saw your Marathon Pics sometime back...Seems you all had a nice time...for a cause :)

    Ohh now I am missing my niece n nephew...cud spend only 10 days with them....

    oye hoye missing Mary Jane ;)..kya baat hai !!!

    Celebrating festivals with family is soo much fun..This year we are not going home for Diwali.....

    Ohh cricket again...*no comments*

    ohh me too eagerly waiting for the last 3 races...i want Alonso to win..& taran is rooting for Schumi....

    Ohh go n watch LRMb....don't get the mein he dheekna....

    Ohh yeah songs of Bas Ek Pal are realllly nice...Bin Tere seems to be on everyone's playlist...

    I also like songs from the movie Woh Lamhe...

    The rainbow pic is Beautiful !!!

  3. Yes maams ... lets practise 4 next marathon .. I want to average at 15 Km/Hr , Lets make it .....
    -Lets make it to Ahista Ahista Before you leave .

    abt The coming months ...rrrrr days ... Have Fun :)

  4. running is always fun, me too really enjoy running..just like that :-)

    Don't go for Ahista-Ahista, Poha Ali is pathetic in it, only that Deol dude is acts good, looks very comfy in front of camera!!
    Worst part is direction, and pace of movie so slow that you can actually sleep and wake up without missing much. Its more like a TV serial, infact it is direct lift from one of the stories from TV serial 'Rishtey'.

    Music of Bas ek pal is cool, though hard to believe that Sanjay Suri composed some of the songs!!

    Wish you find your Kirsten Dunst soon ;-)

  5. hi.. i never have seen an ulta rainbow... :-) i swear... seeing it for the first time..
    nywys nice pic..

  6. Oh Nice pics & lovely rainbow !
    It must have been fun being a part of the Marathon race, I like to be a part of such events.
    Yep, time spent with close ones r the best days.

  7. Marathaon of 7 much time u took? I was very much interested in these kinda runs, but now a days because of lower back pain i am unable to do it.

    You take that Gobi also for marathon...atlease he can reduce some part of his tummy...:D

    Actually lots of work da...i am unable to find time to update my blog. Probably I will do it over this weekend.


  8. Chandu, yeah... lets practice.. but i want u to show me the way to ur house.. so u come running to my house n show me the way first :P

    Yeah.. lets hope Schumi wins the championship.. :)
    Lets plan for Ahista ahista then..

    hehee.. wish I could do that as u said :P clingin onto the flight.. not a bad option :D

  9. Mehak, yes.. we had a great time running the marathon.. :)
    u spent 10 days with ur nephew n niece, but i could jus spend 2 days with him :( and he is flying back tomorrow :((

    hehee.. Mary Jane is waiting for Spidey somewhere far.. and Spidey is gonna fly to meet her :P

    Yeah, wish I could go home too now :(

    Oh.. then i'll cheer for taran.. Alonso shouldn't win :P hehee..
    next year toh.. i'll support for Raikonnen... but not for Alonso again... so, we r rivals :P

    yes sure, i'll be watching LRMB only in theatres.. n very sooonnnnn.. :)

  10. PV, hmm sure.. we should try the half marathon next year :)
    and we will plan for Ahista ahista soon...
    thanks :)

    Stone, oh.. warning for Ahista ahista.. but we wanted to see it for Soha n Abhay.. Abhay for acting and Soha for her beauty :D lets see..
    Oh.. Sanjay Suri has composed for some songs in Bas Ek Pal?? then he has done a good work.. all the songs have come gud..
    Thanks... so, as per ur wishes I should meet my Kirsten Dunst soon :P hehee..

  11. Preeti, hehee.. its not a ulta rainbow actually.. i took it ulta :P it was a full circle rainbow around the sun straight up in the sky.. was tooo gud.. i had another snap of the full rainbow.. but the sun's brightness was too much. thts why i took this snap with some adjustments in the camera..
    It was soo nice n different... :)

    Jaya, thanks :)
    yeah it was great fun running the marathon and for a gud cause too.. really enjoyed it..
    hope u too get to do it someday.. :)

    Vasanth, we took less than 1hr for the marathon... it was nice.... Gobi n vivek weren't ready for this.. otherwise I would have taken them too..

    Hmm.. do update it whenever u get sometime... don't loose tht interest.. :)

  12. Yea, I saw pictures of you guys. Seemed like fun. Where is your Mary Jane or is this some kind of code-word... ;-)

    Yea, nice to see Tendulkar and Bajji kicking some ass. Shumi's win is being challenged with the allegations of cheating and manipulation to make him win by Alonso.

    I haven't seen Lage Raho too and I downloaded the songs of "Bas ek pal" too, they are cool esp. Tere Bin as you said.

  13. hey how come rainbow is upside down?? and best of luck for ur half marathon dream.. :) oh n i dun have a nephew :( um the eldest one among my siblings.. and u r spiderman, so go n get ur maryjane :P she must be waiting for u somewhere.. :P
    and this rangoli is every cute :)
    havent yet heard bas ek pal yet.. will dload them sometime 2rrw :)
    and abt that card wala offer.. its still open mail me ur address..

  14. Really sad... India went down today, exactly like WI did against India...

    In Hockey, ya really sad that India did not come first from bottom ;)

    Nice pics... hope you enjoyed festival with the Superman :)

  15. is spiderman ki mary jane kaun hai? ;) batao.. batao!! :)

  16. HEllo Spiderman.... who/ where is Mary jane.... do put some light on it ;)
    A friend told me about TereBin n sent me the song too.. yet to listen to it... :P
    And am happy that Tendlya is back and banging.... he is rightly called the GOD!

    Have fun n update us on the missing Mary ;)

  17. long update but merathon is good thing to do once a while but with some practice...anyway Ahista ahista is nice movie.

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  19. I will miss already missing you...

  20. wassup ?
    No updates ?
    Happy Diwali :)

  21. wut buddy no updates??? update sooon man.

  22. hey njoyed this post v much:)

    sonali titzbitz.rediffblogs

  23. Hi Prasad....howz u?
    Finally..Me too stepped into ur beautiful blog visit my blog....
    nyways...Waiting 4 updates... :)

  24. its been a long time.....

    I dunno why i thinkn this rainbow pic is ulta pulta! ;)

  25. Where r u dude?
    Got married or something?

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