Saturday, April 25, 2009

My predictions for IPL 2

Indian Premier League second season is going on currently in South Africa. I believe Modi has done a great job in shifting it to South Africa, even though many of us do feel that it would have been better if it was conducted in India.

So, whos gonna win the IPL 2???? Wanna make some guesses n predictions???

Here are some of my predictions for the IPL 2 T20 cricket....

Seeing the first few matches that got over, my prediction for the semifinal spots are:

Prediction for IPL 2 Semifinals:
1. Delhi Daredevils - With Sehwag and Gambhir in their ranks plus great set of foreign players like deVillers, Vettori, McGrath, Collingwood, Warner.. what else do u need??
2. Mumbai Indians - The sheer presence of Sachin Tendulkar definitely makes this team one of the favourites...
3. Deccan Chargers - I've always loved watching Gilchrist bat.. he is one of my all time fav... and this time the Deccan chargers have their batteries fully charged...
4. Chennai Super Kings - Dhoni & Hayden their main trumpcards...

Prediction for IPL 2 Finals:
1. Delhi Daredevils
2. Deccan Chargers/Mumbai Indians

IPL 2 Winner Prediction:

DELHI DAREDEVILS - Somehow, this time I feel they've got what it needs to be a champion team. I'll re-evaluate all these once more mid-way thro' the IPL 2 season... lets see how it changes...

Having said these, I'm supporting for the following teams in that order:

1. Chennai Super Kings
2. Bangalore Royal Challengers (I know their chances seem to be quite slim but still am living in Bangalore.. part of the local support here)
3. Deccan Chargers (this one for Gilchrist)
4. Mumbai Indians (this one for Sachin)

Rajasthan Royals is another team I like alot just for the fact that Shane Warne is too gud with his leadership qualities and also he is encouraging lot of local talent. But still this time without Shane Watson and Sohail Tanvir, they've lost a bit of edge. Lets see how they fare this year.
Kolkata Knight Riders - I wouldn't support for them jus for the sheer fact that what they are doing with Ganguly is not gud. I don't think McCullum is a better captain than Ganguly. Shah Rukh might be the King of Bollywood.. but he is certainly not making gud decisions with the team. He did a very gud job of using Ganguly for all his advertisements n promotions and then atlast chucked him out of the captaincy in the eleventh hour. I didn't like that.

Whats your opinion? Which team has got the edge to win the IPL 2 in South Africa this year???

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

am back :)

It feels like ages since I've updated my blog.. I jus checked the date of my last post n its indeed a long time... more than 2yrs...
And what a couple of years it has been for me...
Lots happened in these two years... which I'm sure most of them who were in touch with me know about.. so, don't want to go on listing those things..
But I definitely want to write about some of the experiences I've had in those two years gap and also some of my thoughts....

Anyways, here I'm back again... will definitely try harder this time to keep up my promise of maintaining my blog properly :)