Tuesday, April 21, 2009

am back :)

It feels like ages since I've updated my blog.. I jus checked the date of my last post n its indeed a long time... more than 2yrs...
And what a couple of years it has been for me...
Lots happened in these two years... which I'm sure most of them who were in touch with me know about.. so, don't want to go on listing those things..
But I definitely want to write about some of the experiences I've had in those two years gap and also some of my thoughts....

Anyways, here I'm back again... will definitely try harder this time to keep up my promise of maintaining my blog properly :)


  1. ok spared for all sins and welcome back. keep posting

  2. Cool! You're back to blogging.....
    How have u been??

  3. Hey Prasad, welcome back!!

  4. What a surprise, and I thought you won't come back :-)

    How have u been buddy?