Monday, June 08, 2009

Hail King Federer!!!

Wohooooo.... atlast Roger Federer wins the French Open in his fourth attempt.... Federer conquers Roland Garros :))))) beating the giant killer - Swede Robin Soderling 6-1 7-6(1) 6-4
Am soooo happyyy.... What a way to complete a Career Slam and getting the cup from the hands of Andre Agassi (the previous person to achieve this feat of career slam). He also completed 14 Grandslam titles equalling Pete Sampras.... One title - two goals achieved....

Federer getting then French Open Trophy from Agassi...

Being a big fan of Federer, I always backed him to win this one even though his form was indifferent this whole year... and credit to Soderling for being the giant killer this year beating lots of seeded players including Nadal. It would have been a fitting final if Federer had beaten Nadal, but what the heck... he has achieved what he wanted the most... so, am fine whatever way it is... :)
Yesterday, I was so tensed to even watch the whole match... n started watching only half way into the third set when I knew that he would win it... I was doubly happy to see Andre Agassi giving the cup (my all time fav sports person)

On another note, am happy to see India starting its T20 World Cup campaign with a good victory over Bangladesh. Hoping that we do well in each n every match... All the best to our "Men in Blue" for their mission...

And in the F1 front, am amazed with the success that the new team Brawn has got... Jenson Button has been one of the veterans in the F1 racing circles and he wasn't getting his due till this year in the form of this new Brawn GP team. He has now won all the races this year except one. Am sad to see the Ferraris not doing well... not even near their best... but hoping they'll stage a comeback at sometime this year (no hopes to catch up with the Brawn GP though).

With all the sporting actions this year, am getting little time to write anything else other than sports in my blog :P
lets see.. probably next time... :)


  1. Sure, to beat Nadal would have been icing on the cake. I am a big fan of Nadal but these two are so gifted and so much a treat to watch that it doesn't matter that if Fedrer wins at the expense of Nadal

  2. sporty post once bored to cricket tho

  3. hmm I too wish he played Nadal in the final! India is outta T-20 :( but hey it avoided me few late night stints. F-1 has become monotonous comeptiton. WIsh ferrari catches up