Thursday, June 18, 2009

A letter to Dhoni...

Dear Dhoni,

I am writing this after our T20 World Cup exit in England. You might be knowing very well that we all had high hopes in our team being the favourites to retain the cup we won in South Africa. But, the way we performed in the tournament was far from what any Indian cricket fan would have imagined. Having said that, we are definitely not blaming you guys and loosing faith on you. You were instrumental in many of the successes that our Indian cricket team has got in the recent years right from the first T20 World cup victory to wins against almost all the cricketing nations in the world.

But, the worrying factor for me as a fan is the way you are approaching the game nowadays. I know that you are trying to be more responsible being the captain and one of the senior most in the team. But, that doesn't mean you've to lose your power hitting ability and just try to hold on to one end. We would like to see more of the Dhoni-style sixers and your big hitting capabilities. I know that your responsibility as a captain makes you think twice to do all these, but I don't want you to become another Ganguly. I feel pity to see an amazingly gifted cricketer like Sourav Ganguly getting sidelined because of his loss of form after he got burdened with the Indian captaincy (though he got more wins for India than any other Indian captain). I don't want to see you, Dhoni, trying to do more things as a captain and losing your unique style of playing. We want India to do better in all forms of cricket and the key for that is not only your cool calm-headed captaincy but also your contribution with the bat. This I feel was an important reason for our loss in this T20 World cup.

Dhoni, the pressures of 2 billion people wanting the Indian team to win always and watching you perform well all the time is always high. But, you are capable of doing that and even more. Forget about the T20 loss. Sometimes its good to have a reality check and work on our weaknesses.
We have a lot of faith in you as the Indian captain and we would like to see you and our team perform well in every tournament that we play. I know you are working on your batting too and would be more than happy to see your unorthodox style of swashbuckling cricket.

All the best for your forthcoming tournaments. We are and will always be with our team. Lets rock the world!!!

-From an ardent fan of Indian cricket....


  1. Wow!! Very sensible words.. I too feel the same. I hope this is just one off performance and our heroes will be back to their winning habbit soon

  2. Good one Prasad. I felt a little bad when the media started blaming Dhoni. Hope to see a better playing team soon. BTW, have you dedicated ur blog to posts only on sports? :-)

  3. I guess it's a matter of couple of good games for him, but WHEN is the big ?. But I too wish he doesn't end up like ganguly. It's been long since one saw big innings from him. I am with the guys!

  4. a cricket post once again...Prasaddddddddddd


  5. I think Dhoni should play the way he is doing. He could have done hitting when we had Sachin, Ganguyly etc., in the team but now he gave up that job to YK Pathan, which is a good sign because India soon needs 4 good ppl like VVS, Sachin, Dravid and Ganguly!!

    India lost in this world cup simply because of not choosing the moves properly. It may either be the batting order, or the bowlers used.
    It just did not work right for Dhoni! But he should exploit the talents of every one well. Dhoni did not choose wisely!!

    Had Yuvi been careful enough to stop 4w in the last over, India would have won!!